when life is coming at ya full blast

I would say it’s early Monday morning and the birds are singing, but in reality, it’s nearly 10:00 and so I think I’ve missed that early mark. On the bright side, the birds really are singing, the sun is shining, and the movie soundtracks I have playing on my phone is lulling me into the sense of my world being at peace.

Currently, my coffee is being consumed at such a rate that I’ve already re-heated it twice, and my goal list for the week is getting so long that I’ve had to add a second column. Also, I just had to ask Siri how to spell column so it’s that kind of morning – which incidentally is an amazing kind of morning.



The glories of jotting notes and not caring about penmanship


This week is my last full week at home for who knows how long. (Well, at least until mid-September if you don’t count the retreat I’m planning on coming back to work at.) Little issues have been popping up here and there and I’m vacillating between being like Wow, everything is going great and I’ve got it all under control to the WHAT EVEN IS MY NAME type of deal.

And, even though it’s going extremely slow, I’ve been reading In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day which is not only an epic title, but also an epic book and one that’s got me totally hooked. Y’all should look it up.

As my life gets to be busier I’m incredibly thankful for the conveniences of phones. Audiobooks have kinda slid in and taken the place of a lot of my reading, and voice message has helped me stay in contact with friends where texts and emails used to be the norm.

This sporadic update has come from yours truly in an attempt to add some balance and routine back into my life. I’d be delighted to hear what you’re up to on this lovely Monday. 😉

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