March 2019 in Review



  1. Some pretty epic things that I’m looking forward to sharing about with y’all soon. 😉
  2. Quality time with a lot of amazing people
  3. Work at the coffee shop and researching about TCKs



Fiction: 6
Nonfiction: 6
Audiobooks: 5
Books for Review: 6



I don’t even know anymore… I think I was gone five nights?


  1. Personal Goal – YES
  2. Clean bathroom twice – YES
  3. Clean car – YES
  4. Personal Goal – YES
  5. Start new book/program for Children’s church – YES
  6. Trip to PA (NC instead) – YES
  7. Caving trip – YES
  8. Personal Goal – YES
  9. Paleo 25 days – YES (I cheated some with this, but overall I was happy with the month.)
  10. Personal Goal – YES
  11. 8 Bookstagram pictures – YES
  12. Stephanie’s book release stuff – YES
  13. Review 5 books – YES
  14. Walk 5 miles in one day – YES
  15. Deep clean closet – YES
  16. Track all money – YES
  17. Personal Goal – YES
  18. Write significant amounts on TCK 10 days – NO
  19. Read to page 150 in TCK book – YES (and finished it)
  20. Watch about different cultures/countries/TCKs every week – YES
  21. Look for TCK stuff on Instagram – YES
  22. Look up TCK podcast – YES
  23. Write TCK goals each week – NO ( I did 3 out of 4 weeks, but forgot one time)
So, for my month-long goals, I accomplished 22/24, and for my weekly goals, I accomplished 39/46. 

Some months it seems like I learn so much I don’t even know where or how to categorize all the new information. (Which is one reason writing the highlights on here is pretty epic.) I’m going to try and be succinct this month and just give bullet points.

  • How much having a good schedule really does help me keep up as life gets busier
  • As I get busier I have to say no to more things, but I need to make sure to chose those things wisely
  • When I’m doing really well with one are of life it’s easy for me to forget to keep up with other areas, too
  • The book about God and Love languages was amazing – one of the most eye-opening parts for me was when he said he’s discovered that a lot of times people who’s Love Langauge is touch are more likely to dance, etc… while worshiping God. (That explains a lot)
  • About having a balanced life – aka, making sure that my inner world is healthy and vibrant
  • About how to write business-type blog posts (no worries, not for on here)
  • All about different countries, TCKs, cultures, and how people all over the world view other people – totally fantastic stuff
  • How to punch lots of holes in my comfort zone
  • To savor moments instead of dreading the end of an era
  • To go with the flow
    …And a lot more. 🙂

This month was so busy I barely had time to catch my breath. My world tilted in all kinds of good ways, and I found myself slightly overwhelmed with all I had on my plate. But, enough of the vague, and into the details. 😉

One of my co-workers (who was totally amazing) moved out of state, another co-worker had to take a break for medical reasons, and the third co-worker got another parttime job. Because of that, I spent a lot more time at the coffee shop in March than normal. It was great. And busy.

I went caving. I’ve done this caving trip three times before now, but because of various things I was slightly freaked out about it. And when I say slightly freaked out I mean I had to use a lot of mental control to even go on the spelunking adventure. After I was there though, the beauty reminded me of just why I like doing this type of adventure so much. I’m glad I went, and I want to go again, and hopefully, it will be easier the next time. 😉

My mom and I were supposed to go to PA to visit a doctor about my adrenals. That ended up not panning out, but I didn’t know that until a few days before we were going to leave. So, since I had time off work Mom and I hopped in the car and we drove to NC so I could meet my newest niece. I’m very thankful I got to do that.

There’s a guy who’s lived with our family (actually, next door but he does everything with our family) for the last year and a half, and he’s very much like a brother to us. He’s moving out of state (which was the plan all along), so March was a month of trying to spend as much family time as possible before he leaves. We’ll miss him immensely.

I’m thankful for this March. Thankful for what I learned, was able to expereince, accomplish, and all the memories I made.

And now, for April!


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