Ya Know, That Book I Didn’t Finish

Today I’m doing something different.

I’m kinda reviewing a book that I didn’t read. Or, at least I didn’t read it all the way. I got to the 46% mark on my kindle edition from NetGalley before deciding that I really didn’t want to finish the book. Yet, I think the book had some very positive traits, hence me sharing about the book with y’all. (NetGalley is amazing for being okay with reviewers not finishing books if they don’t feel inclined to.)

(Check out the book on Goodreads and Amazon.)


I’ve wanted to read this book (and try out the author) for a while now, so when I was approved to receive a NetGalley copy of the book, I was pretty pumped. Below I’m going to give three pros and three cons, then let y’all know why I decided to stop reading the book.

*It made Isaiah’s time period in the Bible become so much more alive to me. Recently when I was reading the Bible I was like “Oh! I recognize these names!” and they felt so much more human to me
*The writing really is well done and it seems like the author did a huge amount of research
*The plot was interesting and the characters likable

*The writing style isn’t one I found easy to delve into – I was constantly being pulled out of the story to try and catch up with the style. This is obviously totally personal and therefore something a lot of y’all wouldn’t deal with
*The book is really heavy. There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens and I found myself somewhat dreading picking up the story to continue
*The story is 400 pages long, and a lot of bad stuff can happen in 400 pages

Those last two points in the “cons” list is why I DNFed the book – it was just too heavy for me to want to continue. I want to make sure I note, though, that I don’t feel like the book was too heavy. Isaiah’s time period had a lot of bad stuff happen, and so this book was realistic. I also don’t feel like it went into too much detail. It was just too much and too heavy for me at this time.

Still, I’m rating the book three stars because I think that it will be a great book for some people.

I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts – have you read any books by this author? What did you think of them? Should I give her another try?

Also, do y’all like hearing thoughts periodically on books that I don’t finish?

Have a great day, folks!

2 thoughts on “Ya Know, That Book I Didn’t Finish

  1. Jane says:

    I’ve read “Isaiah’s Daughter, In the Shadow of Jezebel, and Miriam.” Out of these I liked, “Miriam” the best, it brings the story of the exodus to life. Please try it.

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