Simple Tips to Accomplishing Goals

By the time this part of the month arrives, it’s kinda like I have my own personal race going on between me and my goals.

When I have a free moment in-between things I pull out my phone and go over my goals for the month. Before I go to bed I organize my day for the morrow, jotting down a to-do list that coincides with my goals. When I think of a fun activity I want to partake in, I match it up with the goals I still have to accomplish, then take a moment to weigh the two and figure out which is really the more important thing to do.

So, pretty much, the closer I get to the end of the month the more I focus on the goals that I’ve written.

It’s a good system, but also has flaws. For instance, if I forget about the Blog 17 times in March goal I made until the last week of the month then there’s no reasonable way I can accomplish it. Same goes with being Paleo for 25 days. (I mean, despite how much I want it to work, I can’t fit 25 days of Paleo into a week.)


I’ve also discovered the earlier on in the month I knock out goals, the more benefits I reap. These include:
1) Being more likely to actually accomplish all my goals
2) The more choices I have to say yes to leisure activities
3) Being more chill when things don’t go according to plan
4) Being able to exceed my goals if they weren’t high enough to begin with

My system for keeping track of goals is exceedingly simple and easy to deal with, yet rewarding at the same time. I just type out my goals with bullet points next to them, then I get to check them off as the month (or week, or day) progresses and I accomplish what I set out to do.


I try and give myself a mixture of goals – both those that will take a while to accomplish (Write significant amounts 10 day) and those that I can do easily on any given day (Look for a TCK on Instagram). That means that on days when I just really need a boost of checking something off I can find an easy-to-accomplish goal and finish it. This helps me stay more focused and excited about the longer goals (such as a goal where I have to do something each week).

In addition to my goals, I also have an app for habits I’m cultivating in my life. It’s called Habit Share and is amazing because you can be friends with other people who you know who will help keep you accountable. I have eight habits I’m working on – ranging anywhere from making sure I go to bed by 10:30 twice a week (I’ve hit that fifteen times this month), to drinking a gallon of water at least five days a week (which I’ve done 23 times this month).


This app is fantastic when it comes to staying accountable and focused. There are many months I would be able to hit my year-long goal of walking at least twenty miles a month, but having a habit of exercising at least 20 minutes for 4 days a week has made me get out there and walk so much more often then I would with just an overarching goal. (Hence the reason I started walking on the treadmill as I blog.)

What are some of your tips to staying on task when it comes to goals and good habits?

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Question of the Day: Have you ever heard of Habit Share? 

4 thoughts on “Simple Tips to Accomplishing Goals

  1. momslovelearning says:

    I like the way you organize your goals. I used to write down my monthly goals in a copybook but then I lost the copybook and I fell out of the habit.

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