Being a 2019 Bookworm

If you’d ask my family they would agree that I’m rather passionate about books. If you asked my co-workers they’d probably say the same thing. Goodness, I guess that anyone who follows me anywhere online would come to the same conclusion.

As it turns out, I like talking about books a lot.

When I was a kid my aunt would joke that I was an audiobook and when I got into a story I’d tell the details so completely that she’d have to push pause if she wanted to say something.


I consider myself to be very blessed to have grown up in a family and community where people let me talk about books a lot – both the reading and writing aspect of them. It’s one of my top subjects no matter who I’m talking to, and readers and non-readers alike have graciously listened and asked questions as I wax eloquent (or jabber on like a fangirl).

When I think of books I don’t just think of reading them, I also remember telling others about them. One of the biggest memories that sticks out in my mind is of when my brother and I randomly found ourselves in our kitchen late one evening. We’d both come down for a snack and I ended up launching into the story of a book I’d read a while back. It was a relatively short book but an hour later I was still explaining with detail each plot point. Instead of hurrying me along my brother sat there, guessing about what was going to happen next and guessing about the plot twist. It was delightful and filled my love tank completely.

Nowadays I still talk about books. A lot. And that’s one thing I like about social media – specifically my Instagram Stories. It’s so much fun to be able to talk about books and know that people can watch/read if they want, but it’s always easy for them to skip through or click out of the story if they’re not interested.

This morning I stepped into my personal library and perused the books, trying to find which one I wanted to photograph for this morning’s post. It wasn’t long before I’d grabbed the Matched trilogy off the shelves and was searching my prop shelf for a prop that would correctly represent the book. It was so much fun knowing I was going to get to share about one of my first ever (and pretty much only) dystopian read with the world.

Being a bookworm in 2019 is so much more fun than being a bookworm in 2009 was, and I’m thrilled that I get to share that part of my world with all y’all.

And now I’m off to leave for work early so I can return my late library books… Because, ya know, sometimes library fines are just a part of being a (sometimes) absent-minded bookworm. 😉

Setting: Walking a mile and a half on the treadmill
Listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack (Seriously)

Question of the Day: Do you go to more than one library? And if so, do you ever forget when you got certain books out and therefore miss the return date? 

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