When Books Won’t Write Themselves

What happens when you don’t intend to take a break, but it somehow ends up happening?

That’s what I’m currently asking myself when it comes to writing. My TCK novel was going superbly well. I was flying high, making strides forward, producing work I was excited about.

Then it all stopped.

Except, it didn’t exactly stop. Just the measurable, numeral, accomplishment-feeling stuff that stopped. Instead of writing, I began focusing on the background of what was really happening because I realized I was in over my head and had no real clue of what I was doing.


This month I’ve been immersing myself in the world of TCKs. I’ve been reading books, talking to people, following TCK hashtags on Instagram. Then at night when I’m too tired to do much else I lounge around watching Youtube of various TCKs and people from around the world. It’s been very eye-opening and showed me that I’ve gone in a rather narrow direction with my novel and I need to rethink things.

So March hasn’t been an exceedingly productive month when it comes to writing, but it has been a very learning month for me. And I’m okay with that. It’s a different pace, a different focus, an interlude in my writing world.

I just have to remember that before long I need to cut the chase, stop researching and get back to writing. Because ya know, that book won’t write itself…

Setting: At church (we just served the food for a luncheon)
Listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack (Surprise, surprise…) 
Question of the Day: Do you like sunrises or sunsets better?

4 thoughts on “When Books Won’t Write Themselves

  1. Hannah says:

    This post just made me think of a book about TCKs… You may have come across it – Hidden in My Heart by Taylor Murray? I read it recently and found it very insightful! I love that you’re writing a book about TCKs – I think it will be a very valuable addition to the book world! 😉😊

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  2. Keturah Lamb says:

    So true! Research is important though. This last month has been difficult for my writing as I’ve had a constant head ache from sinuses and being sick … I’ve still written every day, just not as much.

    I love sunsets best I think … there’s always too much to do in the morning for me to just sit and enjoy those. Also sunsets are bittersweet, and I like bittersweet.


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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Aww, I’m sorry that you haven’t been feeling well. I hope that the rest of the month is much better for you. It’s no fun when you don’t feel well.

      And yes, sunsets are kinda nostalgic for me for some reason, and I like that feeling….


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