Soaking in the Sunshine

Y’all, I think I am about to make a record for the least amount of times I’ve talked about a giveaway I’m hosting. 🙂

Last Monday I put together this giveaway, but then life got really busy and went in directions that I wasn’t anticipating (all good), and my wonderful little habit of blogging fell by the wayside.


Today is one of those delightful days with the sun shining bright, warm air is just outside the open window, and the promise of spring with just a hint of winter can be heard in the trill of a bird’s song.

In other words, I started walking on the treadmill so I could blog as I exercised, then gave up the idea of writing an eloquent post this morning so I could go take a walk on our country road instead. It was a good decision. 😉

I’m heading off to work now, so y’all should make sure you enter the giveaway before it ends, and have a fantastic day, folks!

4 thoughts on “Soaking in the Sunshine

  1. Keturah Lamb says:

    How did I miss this giveaway!!!??? I’ve been dying to read “Me, Just Different” as I’ve read all of her other newer books.

    Liked by 1 person

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