Keeping Goals Within View

March dawns in a snowy, gray haze, claiming a bit of the cold weather that February seemed to forget during the last few weeks.

A new beginning always makes me happy – it doesn’t matter if it’s a new year, new month, new week, or a new day. Sometimes even a new hour seems like something to celebrate. I’m not even kidding, folks.


This month I wasn’t planning on making a lot of goals, but then when I pulled out my notebook to jot down a few ideas, they started piling up. Some of the goals are simple and easily accomplished – like looking up podcasts about/by TCKs. Others are a bit more time consuming and will take place over the course of the month – like writing at least seventeen blog posts.

One thing that I’m working at keeping in mind during 2019 while writing my month-long goals is to keep checking them against my year-long goals. See, last year I wrote my year-long goals, pinned them to my corkboard, and then kinda forgot about them. Sure, I remembered the basic ones, but there were a few that I literally forgot I’d even written, and therefore I didn’t accomplish them.

This year? Well, I’m using my 2019 Goals as a bookmark for whatever nonfiction book I’m currently reading. That means I see the goals every day. I don’t always read them, but they’re within view, thought about, and on my mind. It’s been exceedingly helpful for me.

What are some ways you keep goals in front of you and easy to remember?

2 thoughts on “Keeping Goals Within View

  1. momslovelearning says:

    Using a bookmark with your goals is an excellent idea. I once read an article about a man who chose goals related passwords for his computer at work. It obliged him to focus on his current goal each time he would use his computer. I found that it was a very good idea too.

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      That’s a pretty cool idea! But yeah, I guess I read more often then I type in my passwords, so goals as bookmarks for me work better. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the idea!

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