The Joy of Monday Mornings

It’s Monday morning and my life feels on-point. I ate stir-fried veggies for breakfast while reading a nonfiction book and sipping coffee with snow falling softly outside and laundry in both the washer and dryer. Now I’m walking on the treadmill while editing pictures for Instagram, blogging, and working on book reviews. And it’s not even mid-morning yet.

It’s Monday morning and I’m accomplishing my to-do list, have the rest of my day planned, and am listening to The Greatest Showman on my headphones as I guzzle water so I can check off my drink a gallon a day goal.

It’s Monday morning and I feel in control of my day, thoughts, feelings, and body. I woke up at the first ring of my alarm (aka epic music that puts me in a great mood), sat up, thought of a list of things I was thankful for, stretched, then folded my blankets. The week in front of me feels full of promise, just right for accomplishing, and rather beautiful.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.05.12 AM.png

It’s Monday morning and today it’s easy to be happy. I’m doing what I want, how I want, and when I want. Sure, there were little bumps here and there (like the coffee not being ready when I hoped, my food burning, and tiredness egging me even though I slept well), but overall it’s been good.

And I’ve discovered that being happy when it’s easy to be happy and when things are going my way is really nothing to high-five about.

It’s when the car doesn’t start, or the kitchen is a wreck, or someone get’s sick, or my plans are suddenly blown apart… That’s when I have to dig down deep and remember that joy is more important than happiness.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.06.57 AM.png

Happy is easy. It’s watching my plans fall into place, my phone light up with likes on my latest Bookstagram post, getting accepted to review a book I’ve been drooling over, being complimented, and checking things off my list.

Joy, on the other hand, can sometimes be hard. It’s digging deep when life gets tough. It’s having my peace and contentment come from who I am in Christ rather than what I excel at as a human. It’s realizing that my priorities are sometimes full of disillusionment and re-wiring how I think is often times necessary.

Happiness and joy are not synonymous. One flows along at the pace of my physical life, going along with my ups and downs and playing the meter of what I plan vs. what I actually end up doing. The other is who I am on a soul level, dancing strong and sure on the even ground, yet continuing as a steady friend even in the swamps and mountains.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.24.20 AM.png

This week, this month, this year, this life I’m choosing joy.

Sure, happiness is fun and often a part of my every-day circumstances and something I look for, but joy is mine despite the circumstances. It’s a choice, a choice that I have the ability to make every day.

And that, my friends, is something that makes me happy. 😉


4 thoughts on “The Joy of Monday Mornings

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Haha, that’s great! My Monday ended up having lots of spills and not-so-great-things happen that made me laugh a lot because I figured I was getting a lot of opportunities to be joyful even when it wasn’t exceedingly easy. 😉

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