Coffee Shop For the Writer’s Soul

When I’m working at the coffee shop I quite often look at the people who curl up in one of the chairs with a book or sequester themselves at a corner table with their computer and think it looks delightful.

Writing at a coffee shop is nearly a cliche with how popular it is, and it’s really no wonder. I’ve had many great writing ideas pop into my mind at the coffee shop, and that’s when I’m back scurrying around in the kitchen. It’s simply because coffee shops are nearly magical with their whimsical appeal.


Then today it happened. The perfect opportunity for me to spend a few hours at my coffee shop working on writing. I had an appointment in town and after the appointment, I had two choices: Either head back home for an hour and a half – where I would be working on my computer. Or take my computer with me and go to the coffee shop early. Of course I chose the latter.

It’s a quiet morning at the coffee shop, so I chose my favorite table that’s tucked away in the corner of what used to be a porch, then stashed my work bag in the back, bought a small Americano, and here I am.


It’s cozy, y’all.

I’m sitting here being pretty thrilled that I have an hour and a half to art to my heart’s content. It’s really no wonder this is a favorite hang out for a multitude of people. My music is on, my work in progress is up on Scrivener, my strong coffee is seeping into my bloodstream (hopefully not literally), and I’m ready to begin writing.


Setting: Cutest coffee shop in Ohio 
Listening to: The Elements by Toby Mac 
Random Fact: When a shot of espresso is made it has to be mixed with something very quickly or else it gets extremely strong and bitter. I happen to like the strong and bitter taste and therefore regularly drink our old shots. 
Question of the Day: Do you ever go to coffee shops? 

9 thoughts on “Coffee Shop For the Writer’s Soul

  1. Kaitlyn S. says:

    That looks like an adorable coffee shop! I love coffee shops that are locally owned, not like Starbucks, — but I live out in the country, so there really aren’t any around here. BUT a friend of mine had heard several complaints ((from myself and others)) about needing a coffee shop of some sort out in the country, and so her and her family opened one. A cute little thing, with live music provided by her brother and a family atmosphere, dangerously close to where we live. It’s a little hard to read or work there, simply because it’s little town and almost everyone knows everyone and everyone asks questions or wants to talk……but its a nice place to go and relax. They have the absolute BEST cinnamon rolls =)

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      That sounds like so much fun! I would like to maybe own my own coffee shop someday. The atmosphere is so neat and it creates such a good environment for thinking and visiting and all that. YAY for your friends starting one! That’s seriously so cool!

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  2. Keturah Lamb says:

    I’ve been to a coffee shop a couple of times, and once it was for a writers group. Definitely fun! I should try to go alone someday ;D

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  3. Emily says:

    I don’t drink coffee, so no, but I love the smell of coffee, and I have been to visit a friend at this coffee shop, and loved it. I actually met you, and that’s where I found out about your blog!

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  4. Willia Kristine says:

    I love just hanging out in coffee shops. Whenever I travel to a place I’ve already been, I’ll most likely just spend my day in a coffee shop, watching people go by or reading a book. It’s more of an experience for me. It’s like soaking in the vibe of a city just by observing people or through the ambience of the coffee shop.

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Ooh yes! I want to get into the habit of visiting more coffee shops. And yes, I agree that sitting there people watching gives you a great idea of the pulse of the city you’re in. It’s so interesting to see the world from the view of the locals.

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