The Reset Button {How Introverting Work}

I called it my Reset Button long before I actually knew how it worked.

It was simple really but seemed so convoluted and illogical that I wasn’t sure how to explain it. I would get into a good rhythm with going to bed on time, sleep well, and then work hard all day long. It felt glorious, but all too soon I’d feel abnormally tired and not be able to function like I should. It befuddled me.

Finally, after a week or so of this happening, I’d throw bedtimes out the window and indulge in a late night reading session. The thing that confused me most is that sometimes the book I was reading wasn’t even all that exciting – or maybe it was a re-read. So, it wasn’t the stellar story itself keeping me up, but I’d feel compelled to keep turning the pages.

Then the next day instead of feeling extra tired like I’d expect, I felt fantastic and was ready to tackle another day. Say what?


It happened fairly often and I began to greatly look forward to the stillness of a sleeping house and dim lights where it seemed like my book and I were the only thing in existence.

Years passed and I simply referred to it as my reset button and moved on with life. Then one day a few months ago I was exhausted – like I could barely keep my eyes open exhausted. I settled in for the night, but then instead of going to sleep like would be the “smart” thing to do, I pulled out a book.

Then I lay there confused. Why? Why was I reading a book on a night like this? My sister had just gotten married and I didn’t really care about the book I held in my hands. I didn’t really care about anything at that moment, I was just bone-tired. But instead of sleeping I was going to read. And read I did, glancing at my phone every once in a while to watch the hours slide by.

Then it hit me.

My reset button worked when I was more people-tired than I was physically tired. 

I stayed up late at night reading because sleeping didn’t rejuvenate the introverted-need-to-be-alone side of my personality. And sometimes, no matter how worn out I was physically, my people-fatigue trumped all else and, for me, there’s nothing like being the only one awake for miles around and delighting in the complete stillness of the world around me, to find restoration.

Being an introvert is a gift. Being an extrovert is a gift. Being a human is a gift.

Recently I’ve been working on learning about how to manage the various aspects of my personality that make me, me. I’m learning how to use my introvertedness as a tool to help me become a better person.

And do you know what? Having a reset button helps a huge amount. 😉

8 thoughts on “The Reset Button {How Introverting Work}

  1. Kaitlyn S. says:

    Introverts unite! I can so relate to this! Late night reading sessions — sometimes I’ll even go outside to the porch and just sit and stare at the stars, even when I’m freezing, ’cause it is just so peaceful and quiet.

    I used to tell Mom, when I was little and rebelling against nap time, that if I could just read a book, I would be better rested than if I had slept for two hours. She never did believe me, but as I got older, I realized it wasn’t just a childish excuse. I really do feel more rested 😀 At church, I’ll sometimes need to “disappear” from everyone, and a session with the piano works wonders!

    It took awhile to understand that aspect of how the Lord created me — it was the myer-briggs personality test that I took for fun with a group of friends that finally helped it all to connect =) Late nights, and early mornings, with everyone still slumbering are so…..nice!

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Yes! I enjoy swinging late at night – back when we had a swing set right outside our house I used to go out and swing for an hour or so around midnight every night. Those are still some of my favorite memories. Even now whenever I have something I need to think through or process, or if I’ve just been around people a lot then I go out and swing. There’s something about a dark sky, lots of stars, and a swing set that just makes life better.

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  2. Keturah Lamb says:

    I’m an extrovert, yet I relate to this! I’m able to get up early and go to bed late and work hard all week long and been super extroverted and LOVE it! Yet I look forward to Friday nights where I’ll stay up as late as I want reading or watching a movie because “I can sleep in as long as I want tomorrow.” Saturday I sleep in then do whatever I need/ want to all day. And that keeps me going week and week 😉

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Ah, that sounds great! And yes, extroverts need alone time, too. 😉 Just like introverts need people time (despite what we may think at times). It’s so good to know what works for you and what to do to help you be the most healthy, productive, etc…

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