The Adventure of Life

Sometimes life needs some added adventure.

But, I think most of the time life is full of adventure and we just need a little help finding it. So, today I decided to find adventure.

When I was a child adventure was lurking behind every corner, up every staircase, and inside every box. As I got older I discovered that adventure, and imagination, faded with age. That was one of those discoveries I could have done without, so like any self-respecting imaginative and creative person, I decided I wouldn’t let go of my sense of adventure.


And do you know what? Nowadays adventures await beyond the next bend in the road, through the pages of a new book, on the wings of a howling gale, in the deep darkness of a still night, and on the rays of every sunrise.

Adventure, I’ve discovered, is much more a mindset than an activity. Yes, doing laundry, or dishes, or sweeping, or cooking, day after day can be boring, but throw in a dash of imagination, a pinch of excitement, a thimble full of something extra, and you’ve got an entirely new experience that will whisk you away and brighten your day.

Today it doesn’t matter if I’m climbing through old windows and exploring falling-down houses, cooking, or hiking the Andes Mountains…It’s going to be an adventure and I’m going to fully embrace the moment.

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