Hello, Florida {I Have Lots Of Good Memories With You}

The Floridian countryside flashes by outside our rented mini van as we travel down the turnpike. In the backseat I’m wrapped up in my own little world as I edit my newest bookish vlog on my computer and then switch to editing (well, reading and adding comments) to my manuscript on my phone.

It’s been over a year since I last visited my grandparents – the longest time between visits that I can remember since I was a toddler.

For years my grandparents visited us multiple times a year at our house, then when I was around fifteen the visiting flip-flopped and we started visiting my grandparents in Florida.

For the last decade I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida – traveling there one to five times a year and throughly enjoying it. (And making some amazing friends in my grandma’s retirement community.)

And then I got my job at the coffee shop. I knew things would change when I had a job that I had to show up for in person, but at that time I really didn’t know how much things would change.

I still travel a lot (and I’m sure it seems like a ton to my boss) but I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to. Now as the blue skies and green, mossy trees of Florida dance by me, I’m reminded of how much I’ve missed it, and yet at the same time how much I really, really like being home.

I’ve discovered time and time again how much my mindset decides the outcome of how I feel about life. When I’m home I like being home. When I’m traveling, I like traveling.

And right now? Right now I’m pretty thankful to be in Florida visiting my grandparents.

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