Go Teen Writers Cover Reveal (And Something That Thrills My Writerly Heart)

Do you ever get really excited about a book? Like, so excited you want to dance around while randomly shouting about it and hugging everyone who happens to get in your path? Well, that’s pretty much how I feel about this book.

Go Teen Writers has benefited my life immensely. First of all, it was the blog. Then the Facebook group, and then five years ago they published a glorious book that became my best writing resource and made my writerly heart happy with its loveliness.


But guess what! It gets even better than that. Recently Stephanie and Jill decided to update and revise and re-release the book and they asked me to help with the final proofreading! (Pretty much the biggest honor of my writing career.)

Today is the Cover Reveal day, and I had tons of fun filming a video about the book. Enjoy!

Back Cover:

You know your first draft has problems, but what’s the best way to fix them? How do you know where to start editing? Or for many writers the bigger question becomes, “How do I know when I’m done?”

Popular bloggers Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson have been where you are, and they want to help you understand, and even come to love—yes, love—the editing process.

In this revised and updated edition of Go Teen Writers: Edit Your Novel, you’ll learn:

·         Methods for efficiently editing your novel.

·         What problems to look for in your manuscript and how to solve them.

·         Where to start editing, and how to know when you’re done.

·         How to keep track of your story’s character, storyworld, and setting details.

·         How a critique group can help you.

·         The pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing.

·         An overview of pitching your novel and making writing your career.

·         And much more!

Teaching yourself how to edit a first draft can feel hard, discouraging, and isolating. But using this guide, you’ll feel as encouraged, empowered, and capable—as if you had a writing coach sitting alongside you.


Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson released the cover of Go Teen Writers: Edit Your Novel. This updated version of How to Turn a First Draft into a Published Book has the same great information on editing but includes new chapters on historical fiction and self-publishing. The revised book releases Nov. 2, 2018.

For details and to download the first three chapters visit: goteenwriters.com/edityournovel.

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