A Long Over Due Part Two

A lovely (and very cold) October morning to y’all! It’s amazing to me how fast the weather changed. Now instead of putting on short sleeves and still feeling too hot, I’m all cuddled up in turtlenecks and vests and have pulled all my delightful winterish clothing out of my closet – it makes me happy indeed. Although really, if the weather could stay just like this for the next month or so, I’d be totally cool with that.

And now, for part two for video I posted like a month ago… Once you watch it you’ll know why it took me so, so long to figure out what I wanted to say about these books. You can watch part one here.

If any of y’all have read these books or ones like them, I would really be happy to discuss them, cause I’m still confused regarding my thoughts and would like to hear other’s opinions. 😉

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