The Art of Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s the fog that rides in on a cool morning and then dissipates as the sun rises high into the sky. Sometimes it’s a piece of classical music that whisks you away on the wings of your imagination. Sometimes it’s seeing someone kind and caring step out and do something daring.

Over the years I’ve found many ways to be inspired and inspiration generally comes quite easily to me. A passion for life fuels me and makes me dance barefoot down gravel roads on cold autumn days, sing offkey with great abandon (thankfully not in public), and strike up random conversations with utter strangers. All these things fire up my imagination and inspire me. They inspire me to write. To create. To blog. To try new things. To live life fully.


But other times? Well, inspiration feels far away and the idea of creating, writing, and doing anything out of the ordinary doesn’t sound like fun – instead, it sounds like a chore.

During those moments I’ve discovered that I have three choices: Either I can stop. Rest. Take a break. Or I can just give up. Let go. Decide that inspiration comes as a whim and leaves just as easily. Or I can purposely create, art, and force myself out of my comfort zone and go out searching for the seemingly allusive world of inspiration.

Sometimes resting is needed – I sit back and take a break while waiting for inspiration to strike again. Yet most of the time what I need to do is strike out and go on a search for the life-enhancing substance. To search for inspiration as I go about my everyday life, and purposely put myself in the path of people, situations, and activities that will host a creative and inspiring mindset.

Today, I choose to be inspired. By the big things. By the little things. By the nothings.

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