Maid of Honor Speech

A lot of little kids think their parents know everything. I grew up thinking you knew everything. You were the person I looked up to and tried to emulate the most – I wanted to be just like you.

For years we shared a bedroom and I didn’t like sleeping by myself, so I’d beg for you to let me sleep in your bed. You’d refuse so I would start bargaining. First I’d offer ten cents, then fifteen, and finally, in tears, I’d kneel on my bed offering you my entire life savings: a whole fifty cents. Around that time you’d dramatically sigh and allow me to climb into bed with you saying I didn’t really have to pay you after all. So sweet.


Some kids don’t like hand-me-downs, but I always thought they were the best. Nothing made me happier than getting to wear the clothes you had looked so stylish and grown up in. As we got older you began buying your own clothes, but me? Well, I figured why waste the money? I’d just wait and every few years you’d give me all the clothes you didn’t need or want anymore. It’s a pretty great win-win situation. And yeah, I’m still inheriting clothes from you. (Aka, the entire outfit I wore to your wedding.)

Over the years we’ve had lots of adventures together:
We roasted marshmallows over candles in South America,
Acted as photographers for a wedding in Ghana, West Africa,
Took a road trip across Europe,
And went for a midnight swim in the ocean in Aruba.
But, I’m pretty confident I can say that the adventure you’re most excited about in life is the one you’re about to start.

I’m so thankful for the two of you and the amazing things you’re going to do together. May God bless this new phase of your life.
I love you!

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