These Are the Days

Fog blankets the world and gives a sense of peace and tranquility as my mind powers up for another day of rushing. As I stumble through my morning routine I go through my list in my head, mentally adding to the one I wrote on my phone the day before.


I’m only working two days this week before turning all my attention over to the wedding I’m helping with, and then being in, on Friday. A text message comes in and I remember I have about ten texts I need to reply to or people I need to get back with: the girls who are helping out with the wedding shower I’m planning for another friend, the sweet people at church who are taking over Children’s Church for me for a few weeks, my goal accountability partner, my half-marathon running friends….

Peering at my face in the mirror as I brush my teeth, I marvel at how awake and alert I actually appear – getting a good night of sleep (finally!) must do that to a body. Pulling my closet door open, I see the basket of dirty laundry piling up and marvel because it feels like I just finished washing all my clothes. Well, laundry can be added to my to-do list for the day.


I make my bed (aka stick most of the blankets under the bed and then smooth out the top blanket so it looks nice), then sit down at my computer to type, the words of Luke I just read going through my head. My desk has several dirty dishes on it, an abhorance I usually can’t stand, but recently? Well, recently everything’s been slightly different.

These days. These are those memory-building days that I know I’ll look back on and treasure for the rest of my life. The days when close friends are getting married, life is changing, and joy is abundant.

These days. These are the days when my sisters and I gather and talk late into the night, stories are exchanged, and the table is overflowing with laughter.

These days. These are the days that I used to dream about as a little girl, and then poof! Here they are, being lived, cherished, and lived in to their fullest.

These are the days that my thankfulness soars, my body groans from exhaustion, and my heart overflows with love.


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