And the Days Go On

It’s one of those mornings – fog hangs heavy in the air, out on the roof I see a sprinkling of wayward leaves, and the temperatures give us a blessed relief from the heat by dipping into the 60s.  Everything about my part of the world is dancing and skipping, proclaiming in a loud voice that autumn is just around the corner.



*not from today* 


This morning started with me deciding to sleep in a bit, and then finally dragging my eyes awake at 6:30, and turning off my alarm. Next, I read the first few chapters of Mark where I pondered the fact that although I’ve spent a great amount of time in Matthew, Luke, and John, Mark is basically unvisited by me.

In just a few minutes Aaliyah Louie* and I are going to head to work – a drive that consists of 45 minutes of beauty, coffee, and singing loudly as the wind rushes through my open windows.

At work, I’ll take orders and clean tables and stack dishes and make food and take more orders and chat with the regulars and restock and whip up a few drinks.

After work tonight I have a long list of things to accomplish:
-Work on planning a His and Hers Shower
-Pack for an out-of-state funeral I’m going to tomorrow
-Contact several people about various things
– Film a vlog
-Go on a walk/jog
-Cut grass

And the to-do’s just keep coming.

Tonight? Tonight I hope to get to bed early so I can sleep well and check that off my goals list for the month of August.

Life, it keeps coming and going, like the ebb and flow. Sometimes what it really takes is for me to sit down for a few minutes and ponder what I’m doing to realize that I am making a difference. Maybe not the way I thought I would. Maybe not in a huge, history-book-knows-my-name way. Maybe not in a way that will win me any awards. But my life does count, and the small, minute by minute decisions I make are making a difference. And it’s a good difference.

And for that I am thankful.

*Aaliyah Louie is my car

One thought on “And the Days Go On

  1. Cate says:

    Sounds like you’re a busy bee, Lydia! Oh well, it’s usually good to have something to do than to sit around feeling bored. It’s great to be productive! 😉


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