Days Passed, Summer Came, The World Was Alive

And then the sky turned purple and gray and yellow and pink and a dozen shades of blue.


January slid by as if it were an ice skater gracefully twirling past.
February bounded into the room turning my world topsy-turvy.
March threw me a blanket and begged me to hibernate.
April let out a gleeful laugh and grabbing my hand, pulled me into the busyness.
May coxed me with visions of order until I capitulated and entered the fray of spring cleaning with a vengeance.
June waved once and was gone.
July blew in like a storm, swept me off my feet, surprised me, and was gone as quickly as she arrived.

4 thoughts on “Days Passed, Summer Came, The World Was Alive

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Aww, thank you! Your comment made me so happy! (And also made me realize that the title to my post was spelled incorrectly so I changed that.)
      August is going to be a crazy-crazy month, but your comment made me realize that I can still pray for calmness of the spirit in the midst of everything, so thank you so much for the reminder! (And it’s a good kind of crazy – the best in fact – just crazy nonetheless.) 😉


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