June 2018 In Review

What I Focused on in June:
1. A huge week at the retreat where I work
2. Eating/Being Healthy
3. Getting into the summer routine – Cutting grass, working evenings at the coffee shop, etc…


Reading Update:
Fiction – 4
Nonfiction – 0
Audiobooks – 4


I was only gone one night in June. My life has kinda exited the season of travel for the time being, but the adventures are still real and I’m quite happy with them.


1. Strict Paleo for 28 Days – YES {I might have been a day or two off cause of the retreat, but I should have factored that in. I count this as a total win.}
2. Clean Car – YES
3. Huge Week at Retreat Job – YES
4. Track Spending – NO
5. Write 7,000 WOrds – NO
6. Start Doing Bookstagram Pictures – YES
7. Keep Up with Cutting Grass – YES
8. Take The Rest of my Giveaway Stuff to Goodwill – NO


What I’ve Been Learning:
– Prayer is super, duper important. And it’s incredibly nice to serve a God who actually answers prayers and cares about us. Yes, I’ve known this for a long time – all my life, probably. But this month it was reiterated to me time and time again as I saw God bless different situations and give very direct answers to prayer.
– How to stage Bookstagram pictures. I’ve been having so much fun with my Bookstagram account and for pretty much the first time ever feel artistic in something other than words. I wouldn’t consider myself to be really good, but I’m putting a lot of work into making the pictures actually work, and that’s rewarding.
– How to balance my thinking energy when it comes to various jobs. This last week was the biggest week at my retreat job since I started at the coffee shop last year, and I might have had several (several? haha) freak out moments leading up to the retreat because I didn’t have the dedicated prepping time that I generally have. But, everything worked out and it was fantastic and I’m really thankful for that.
– More problem-solving skills. Growing up being a problem solver was something that was praised in my family, and that’s helped me a lot as I get older. This month had some pretty good problem-solving moments.
– Why I haven’t had a garden for the last seven years. This year I’ve been feeling so nostalgic that I decided to plant a garden. Yo, folks. That was not quite the most brilliant plan on my part. Planting it was fun, but the upkeep? Let’s just say there hasn’t exactly been any of that going on. So, #oops


– One of the ways I remember what happened each month is to look back through the pictures on my phone. June this year? Wow, folks. June was so incredibly long and packed full in the best way possible. I keep seeing and remembering more and more I did this month and it makes me feel slightly overwhelmed and very thankful for all that was stuffed into 720 hours.

– During the first half of the month, I had some pretty great impromptu hang out time with various family members, and that was delightful. I’ve been considering this my summer of memory making ventures, and so far the memories have been piling up pretty fast. ❤
– Storytime, folks: Two and a half years ago a writer friend I met through my blog was like “Hey! I know a girl named Kaitlyn and I think you two would get along great. Can I introduce you two via email?” I said “Yes” so introductions were made and sure enough, Kaitlyn and I became great friends. The only slight problem with our friendship was she lives three states and 750 miles away. But ya know, with some friendships eleven and a half hours of driving isn’t that huge of a roadblock, and so Kaitlyn came to visit last year. And then again, and then again. This June was the third time we got to see each other in a year, and that’s pretty epic. We volunteer at a week-long event together which gives us lots of bonding time over hard work, late night Veggie Tale songs, and exhaustion.
– This June was every other year’s May. Normally June is hot, tiring, and lovely, but, well, ya know, hot. But this year? I think May and June got confused and May was too hot, but June was probably the most delightful, beautiful, and perfect June I can remember.


What was your favorite part of June?

4 thoughts on “June 2018 In Review

  1. Bekah says:

    Love all these beautiful pictures! Yes, prayer is so important and the Lord has been reminding me of that lately, as well. Again, I’m so glad Kaitlyn was able to come up and help! What fun times!

    Liked by 1 person

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