Summer: Bring it On!

The sound of rain coming through the open windows creates a steady background hum in my cozy office as I sit down with my computer to blog. Everything I need to do this evening is done – Whimsy’s fed, 100 words are written, supper’s long over, my room is clean, and peace has descended.


Summer arrived today with an expanse of gray skies, humid heat, and the promise of long, busy days. Every time I think of everything I have to do during the next few months I want to raise an eyebrow at myself in the mirror and ask “Really, Lyds?” To be fair, back when I signed up for the half marathon I had no clue what 2018 would hold, but I can’t exactly claim ignorance when I decided to plant a garden. No, that sprang from sheer nostalgia, and possibly the overly glorified idea of eating fresh, wholesome green beans right from my own backyard. Today was the first time I weeded it, and I’m fairly sure that if I hadn’t taken the time to coat myself with mud while pulling grass out by the roots, then before long the yard would have taken over that little plot of ground.


Deciding to re-write all of Echoes during the summer months was a plan decided upon after I failed to accomplish the rewrite during the spring. And before that, during the winter. Each season brings a new mile-marker, loudly proclaiming the joy of new beginnings and happily-ever-afters just waiting to be attained. At least I have a cork board full of plot points and chapter breakdowns, so really, I should be all set.

Next to my bed, I have a towel folded up on the floor with four ivy plants sitting on it. Plants that I bought on a whim while visiting a greenhouse, even though all the flowers I’ve been gifted with during the past few years have endured long, slow deaths. Who am I kidding? Thier deaths were actually quick and sure – brought on by a lack of water and total forgetfulness from me. (Which is rather horrifying considering they were even named. Maggie was a darling mum from my sister for my birthday and Nathan was a bright tulip from a different sister at Eather time.) But somehow I decided this was the year I was destined to succeed in the indoor plant growing business. Willie and Mr. T (aka the ivy plants) nearly died once already, and the thought of keeping them alive for who-knows-how-long is another one of those daunting, yet exciting tasks I have to look forward to.

Weddings, birthdays, trips, bridal showers, retreats, family, friends, work, VBS, church, grass, writing, books, blogs, vlogs, walking, running, weeding, healthy eating, my life is a kaleidoscope, ever turning, ever changing, ever beautiful.

I’ve finally decided that as much as I long for routine, for the next few months maybe the only routine I’ll have is simply no routine. This summer is not only busy, but it’s going to be jammed-full of memories. And you know what? I’m excited.

*Photos taken by Hosanna

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