Growing Kids With Character {Book Review}


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Why I Choose This Book:

A few years ago I read another book by Miss Hettie, (Un)Natural Mom, and found her thoughts on mothering/personalities to be interesting. Learning about how to interact with different personalities has always been something I am intrigued by, so I was excited to read this book, too.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a parent, and therefore I obviously don’t have experience parenting.

What I Thought of This Book:

It was so incredibly interesting! I had a lot of fun reading through this book which sounds weird cause it’s a parenting book, but in reality, it was so intriguing.

Miss Hettie has a personality system where she compares people to trees. There are four different kinds of trees – Palm Trees, Boxwood Trees, Rosebushes, and Pine Trees – people are either one of these trees, or else a mixture. It’s a bit confusing for the first few pages, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of what’s going on and then it really begins to make sense.

The book is divided into different sections. To begin with, we learn about what the different types of personalities are, and then we move into learning how to work/learn/grow with the different personality types.

Reading the whole book got a little bit redundant because it went over the same information multiple times, just tweaking it depending on what personality they were talking about.

My favorite part of the book was when I got to my personality type. There were several different ones where I was like “Oh, I can kinda relate to that” etc… but then all at once I’m like “THIS!” and it was a big lightbulb moment and I kept nodding my head. What they had to say about how my personality type learns and grows and all that I kept thinking of how much sense it made. #SpotOn


This book is chocked full of good information and is really easy to read. It makes a lot of sense and I recommend it to parents. (Or older siblings.) 😉

*I’m thankful to have gotten this book free for review


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