May 2018 In Review

What I Focused On in May:
1. Quality family time during vacation
2. Deep cleaning my office and library
3. Getting into a rhythm with adding a lot of grass cutting into life again


Reading Update:

Fiction: 7
Nonfiction: 3
Audiobooks: 2
Book Reviews: 22



Nights Gone: 12
New Places Visited: 0


1.Deep, deep, deep clean my room {YES}
2. Schedule vlogs before Mexico {YES}
3. Full vacation mode in Mexico – no computer, etc… {YES}
4. Set up library for vlogging, etc… {YES}
5. Thyroid work {YES}
6. Begin new blogging schedule {YES}
7. Write 10 book reviews {YES}
8. Beginning training again for half marathon {No}
9. See Aubrey {YES}
10. Work lots at coffee shop {YES}


What I’ve Been Learning:

Life folks. I’ve been learning life.



One of the biggest, craziest, most unexpected things in my life from the month of May was… I decided to get a bed. I’m not sure why folks, I can only chalk it up to nostalgia. I was deep cleaning my office (which is also where I slept on the floor) one day, and I had a sudden longing to get a bed. I haven’t had a bed since we moved nearly four years ago, and I hadn’t slept in my bed for several years before that. I still had my old bed in storage, so some friends helped me move it into my room when the rest of the family was gone on vacation. It fits perfectly into a little nook and takes me back to my childhood.

I also decided to plant a small garden, and several months ago I got a CD player – both things that were a big part of my childhood/early teen years but haven’t been part of my life recently. I guess this must just be the year of whimsical remembering.

One of my favorite things about warm weather coming around is getting to cut grass. My lawnmower’s name is Chadwin and we’re great friends. We often have picnics together (aka me multitasking and eating as I mow), listen to audiobooks, and dance through the fields with music playing through noise-canceling headphones. It’s truly a lovely life.

The month of May also signals our family’s annual vacation. This year I didn’t go quite as long as everyone else because of working at the coffee shop, but as much fun as vacation was, catching up on things while (nearly) alone at home was wonderful, too.

Some of my vacationing highlights were: Staying up all until 4:00 am (twice!) to play cards with my dad and older brother, watching the Royal Wedding, shopping with my sister, and swimming in the ocean during sunset.

Life at the coffee shop really goes with the flow of school, so now that school is out, the coffee shop is a lot more laidback and relaxed. It’s been fun going at a different pace and getting caught up on some deep cleaning. The slower pace has also been nice because the rest of my life has amped up with a lot going on.

Catching up on book reviews was another fun thing I did during May. Now mind you, I didn’t catch up on reading books for review – just on reviewing the books I’d already read. I was a couple months behind with that, so it took several rather intense reviewing sessions to catch up. It’s a relief to have that done.


What were some of your highlights from May?

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