A Refuge Assured {One of those books I’ve been really excited about reading}


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Why I Choose This Book:

A few years ago I got pulled into the beauty of Miss Jocelyn’s fantastically built historical settings and I’ve felt the same draw ever since. The stories aren’t always my favorite, but the way she makes history come alive? I’ve been blown away by her writing time and time again.

What I Thought:

When I was twelve or so I read a book that took place during the French Revolution and was completely horrified. Like, crying for days and being unlike myself for a couple of months. Looking back it’s no wonder – I had no clue as a preteen that the Regine of Terror had existed, and there was no need for me to at that young age. But, because of that horrible experience I’ve avoided any and everything from that time period, except what I had to learn for school. And then this book came along. I didn’t exactly pay attention to what it was about when I requested it for review, because come on, it’s written by Jocelyn Green.

This story, folks. This story had the exactly perfect balance between letting us know what happened during the French Revolution, and not going into too much detail. You can feel the sorrow, feel the frightened confusion, feel the horribleness of it all, and yet in a balanced, vague way that won’t leave you in a depressed funk for days.

In the space of about two weeks, I (totally unplanned) read three books that took place during this time period, and this book was by far my favorite. Miss Jocelyn makes history come alive in her stories and makes me feel like I’m there, watching from the sidelines. She also has this fantastic habit of picking settings/facts/people that aren’t exceedingly well known, and therefore I’ve had so much fun researching what was true and what wasn’t when I’m done reading the book, and I’m always surprised by how much of the setting/little details are true.

As for the story and characters themselves? Well, they aren’t generally my favorite for some reason; I think it’s just because I don’t really connect with them. That sadly takes my rating down, but I think a lot of other people would enjoy them far more than me and have a much higher rating.


This book isn’t one for little children – I would say probably sixteen would be the youngest I’d give this story to. The book talks about mistresses (but in a clean, vague way) and of course all the stuff that went on during the French Revolution.

*I’m thankful to the publishers who sweetly gave me this book so I could review it


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