Women of Purpose {Review}


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Why I Choose This Book: 

I had the honor of meeting Miss Sara this past Christmas and we were talking about books. When she mentioned she was looking for reviewers, I jumped at the chance. Sadly, life got crazy and so I’m rather late posting the actual review, but I’m excited to finally be sharing it with you!

What I Thought of the Book: 

I went into the book with some pretty high expectations and I was still blown away. This book took me a long time to read because it was one of those books that simply can’t be rushed. I had to savor the words, re-read paragraphs, and just let the musical tones of the book seep into my soul. I normally chow through books, reading them without taking time to really process what’s going on, and then I sit back and ponder the story after I’m done. But I couldn’t do that with this book. Instead, I only read a couple of pages at a time, letting the volumes of thoughts and feelings marinate before moving on.

Miss Sara has a wonderful way of weaving words together until they don’t simply sound like sentences, but like you’ve stepped into a musical symphony of rest. Her writing is encouraging, uplifting, direct, loving, honest, and very real. The way she shares her life is sometimes vague, but you can tell she’s not holding back – instead, we get to see the real struggles she’s gone through, hear about the real victories, and understand as we learn from her that hope is always within our grasp.

Each and every woman on this plant has purpose – we have purpose because we are created in God’s image, and He has a plan and reason for our lives. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, because God created us each uniquely, which is pretty amazing.

Miss Sara posted on Facebook soon after her book was released talking about how one week she was at a book signing with people celebrating her books, and the next she was back home scrubbing the bathroom and cleaning the house. And she said that the “menial tasks hold just as much meaning for me as the more exciting ones. Because when life is lived with Christ, purpose comes not by WHAT you do, but for WHOM you do it.” That, my friends, is the message of the book, and it’s very powerful indeed.

This book was truly wonderful and I’m thankful to have read it. I recommend it highly. Y’all should really check it out. (This is the time for graduation, and this would make a great graduation gift!)

*I’m thankful for Miss Sara for giving me an e-copy of this book to review


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