What I Did on Vacation

Outside the birds are singing, the grass is growing, the breeze is slow and light, and best of all, I’m home.

It feels so nice to once again be able to sit down at my computer, blog, and start out my morning in a routine way. In just a few minutes I’ll be packing my lunch, heading over to cut grass at the retreat where I work, and then leaving for the afternoon shift at the coffee shop. When I get home I hope to work on my current WIP for the 100-for-100 writing challenge that started yesterday.

In case y’all didn’t know, I just got home from vacation. A vacation that was filled with salt air, family time, resting, reading, and possibly most importantly: No computer. When I first got there I felt like it had been a mistake to not bring my computer along, but after a few days, I was delighted with my decision and therefore break. In fact, I feel like the time actually went faster without being able to work on my writing – and that really surprised me.

The first week there I did a lot of activities with my family, as well as trying to catch up on some of the sleep I’d been putting off as I tried to get everything ready for vacation the week before.

I’d taken four physical books with me, plus my phone with provided me with unlimited reading. By the time my vacation was over halfway over I’d only read three books: One physical book, and two on my kindle. It was about that time that I decided to get some real reading done, as well as resting more. I bowed out of a few activities (mostly because I was tired, reading was just a bonus), and buckled down on the reading. In the next six days, I read seven books – completing the physical ones I had brought with me, reading a four-book kindle series, and then two more separate books. It was a rewarding way to finish out my time off.

In addition to reading and family adventures, some of my other highlights from vacation included: Watching the sunset from out in the ocean, visiting a coffee shop with my mom, going to a dentist that was far less expensive than ones here in Ohio, staying up until 4:00 am playing cards with my brother and Dad. Then staying up again until 4:00 am playing the same game with them a few nights later – and then sleeping for an hour and a half before waking up to watch the Royal Wedding on my phone. (And of course, taking a bunch of screenshots – as I told my family, I felt like I was the Royal photographer, looking for the perfect shots.) Getting coffee at the airport with my sister, being able to take random naps, late walks on the beach, delicious rice and beans with the fixings, and the list goes on.

And now, off to work I go. See y’all later!

What I Listened to While Blogging:
This is Home (Haha, and I just realized how fitting this is.) 
Where I Blogged:
In my office with the windows open, birds singing, all gloriousness surrounding me
Fun Fact:
My lawnmower’s name is Chadwin 
Question of the Day: 
Are you going on vacation this year?

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