Go Teen Writers

Ever since I was in my late teens I’ve been a part of an amazing online writing community called Go Teen Writers. Over the years I’ve stopped doing quite so much with the group since I am in my mid twenties after all, but I still find it a great place to connect and learn.

Miss Stephanie, the founder of Go Teen Writers recently asked me to guest post on the blog, and I was honored to do so. You can check out the post – which went live today – here.

This week I’m on vacation, and as you can see it’s delightful. In fact, I’m swinging in a hammock with the palm fonds rustling above me as I write.img_2737-1

For this vacation I decided to do something very strange for me: I didn’t bring my computer. Last year when we were on vacation at the same location my computer was stolen, and I was amazed at how much more restful the time was when I couldn’t work. Normally I’m trying to balance rest time, family time, and work time, with the work always looking me in the face, reminding me of how much I have to do.

My family life has various changes happening over the next few months, so I knew this trip was going to be extra special for me. Therefore I wanted to be able to focus all my time on my family (and resting) instead of using it as a time to catch up with writing work which is what I usually do on vacation.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Monday!

One thought on “Go Teen Writers

  1. A.Shea says:

    So important to have family time on vacation, and also to relax! I took some books on creativity with me to read over spring break but didn’t get around to all of them…but I did take a lot of beach selfies with my daughter!


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