May – The Glorious Month For New Beginnings

The weather has been stunning. From one of the most gorgeous Ohio sunsets that I’ve ever seen to driving to work and looking across the valleys to see thick fog hanging above the newly budded trees, it’s been breathtaking. The world around me seems to be made up of fifteen different shades of green, and once or twice I’ve even stopped on our back country roads to simply soak it in and try to capture a picture of it. (Which didn’t do it justice.)


May feels like a month of new beginnings to me. A time to sit back and refocus and get everything organized. There are writing projects I want to delve into, a new set up with my library I want to try, ideas I have for vlogging, a new work schedule at the coffee shop, a family vacation to go on and a fitness routine to figure out.

The bug of inspiration hit me hard a few days and I dumped out all the drawers, totes, filing cabinets, and boxes in my room, the proceeded to pull every single item of clothing out of my closet. I went through everything, being fierce with what I put in the giveaway/throwaway piles, and what I decided to keep. Yo, folks. As it turns out I’m a major packrat. But, as I said, May is a time for new beginnings, and this month was the perfect one for spring cleaning.

My room is now freshly organized, beautiful, and more decluttered than it has been, well, possibly forever.

What have you been up to recently?

2 thoughts on “May – The Glorious Month For New Beginnings

  1. Angela R. Watts says:

    Yess, May so far is quite the fresh start. =) May is Lyme disease awareness month so we’ll be spreading info online… and I’m doing the Kill Lyme pie challenge, eep!
    Besides that I’m finishing 10th grade, writing my novel (I finished some short stories this past week!) and… ranch life. ;D

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Oh yes! I’ve seen some stuff like that around on Facebook. (About May being Lyme disease awareness month.)
      Yikes! Sounds like you have a ton of stuff going on this year. Way to go with all that!

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