T is for Taco Tuesday {A to Z Challenge 2018}



Several years ago the tradition started up out of nowhere and soon took over with fun and memories that lasted until the weather got too cold to eat outside. It was a community event that took place every Tuesday and brought lots of laughter, fun, and delicious, mouth-watering food.


Taco Tuesday is high on my “favorite summer memories lists.” There were several of us families who live close by and work together and getting together every Tuesday evening with whatever offerings each family could bring was perfect. We’d eat out under the shelter of tall trees and sit around talking and laughing. After the food was gone we’d pull out the soccer ball and play a game with plenty of cheering from the sidelines.

We don’t do Taco Tuesday anymore – that was a season of life that has passed, but it remains one of my favorite meals. Here are the Taco Tuesday helpings I like best:

Rice (seasoned with lime and cilantro)
Corn Chips
Taco Meat
Corn Salsa
Hot sauce (preferably from Taco Bell)
Sour cream
and Olives


What I Listened to While Blogging:
Lindsey Stirling
Where I Blogged:
At my desk
Fun Fact:
Tofu is another “T” food I greatly enjoy
Question of the Day:
What is your favorite topping for tacos?

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