A is for Alphabet Soup {A to Z Challenge 2018}

Since I missed three letters in the A to Z Challenge, I decided to catch up with them on Sundays. Enjoy!


As a writer, I’m not sure if I should even confess this, but it might help some other struggling author out there, so I decided to just blurt it out for the whole world to see…

I’ve never, ever, in my whole entire 9,328 days of life enjoyed alphabet soup.


Yes, that’s right. Folks, I’m a word-lover. I read a dozen or so books a month and write all the time – blog posts, stories, letters, emails, notes… And yet alphabet noodles, which in reality should be the crowning glory of a writer’s diet, are kinda gross. In reality, I don’t think it was the noodles themselves that bothered me, but instead the soup we ate the noodles in. I couldn’t stand it.

Okay, a little redemption here, folks. I do like alphabet pretzels. In fact, if you want to make my little heart happy, you can just let me loose with a whole bag of them. I’ll create words, play with my food, and generally act like a happy kindergartener. And of course, I’ll eat them in the end because they’re delicious.

If you’re concerned, let me just assure you with one last tidbit before I sign off: Even though I disliked alphabet soup, I was always thrilled when we had it. Because yes, I’m a writer. Words in food? What could be better? But eating it? Actually putting it in my mouth? Um… #nothankyou


What I Listened to While Blogging:
Movie soundtracks… again
Where I Blogged:

Hanging out in my office
Fun Fact:
Alphabet soup has been around for more than 150 years

Question of the Day: 
Do you like alphabet soup?

5 thoughts on “A is for Alphabet Soup {A to Z Challenge 2018}

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Haha, Hosanna showed me a picture today and It did look good. 🙂 It’s been years since I’ve eaten it, so maybe I’d like it nowadays. 😉


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