M is for…. {A to Z Challenge 2018}


Marshmallows make my life better. They’re delicious, fluffy, cute, whimsical, and come in all shapes and sizes.

Marmalade – particularly orange marmalade – was something that captured my imagination as a child. See, I grew up with my mom reading Paddington Bear to me and Paddington always ate orange marmalade. (Spoiler Alert: It was better in my imagination than in real life.)

Mint tea is a total sign of summer to me. As children, we’d go out and pick mint and Mom would use it to make iced tea. Pretty much one of the best parts of summer. So refreshing and pleasant.

Mango. I literally just licked my lips when I read the word. If you’re looking for a juicy fruit with vibrant color and the perfect tang, you need look no further.

Mushrooms – thankfully I have a sister who craves them from time to time. She also does a lot of cooking so it’s not unusual to find lightly cooked mushrooms sprinkled with salt and ready to be consumed at the table. The best way to have mushrooms though? Stuffed with cheese. #yesplease

Macadamia nut white chocolate cookies pretty much make my mouth water just thinking about them. They’re soft, chewy, bursting with flavor, and the nuts add the perfect crunch.


What I Listened to While Blogging:
I watched a movie (Again? Say whaaattt?)
Where I Blogged:
At my adopted parent’shouse 
Fun Fact: 
Peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes
Question of the Day: 
What is your favorite M food?

Folks! I’ve (sadly) missed three letters so far, so to catch up I’m scheduling posts for Sundays. So, check back tomorrow for letter A.

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