A to Z Challenge – YOU CHOOSE


Y’all! It has arrived!

I’m really not sure how April snuck up so fast, but it’s time to pull out that dusty folder of A to Z Challenge ideas and choose one I really want to do this year. What is the A to Z Challenge you might ask? Good question. It’s where a huge group of bloggers choose each choose a theme to focus on in April and then write a post corresponding with a letter of the alphabet for each day. (Read more here.)

Last year I blogged Behind the Scenes for my work in progress Echoes. (Perhaps my favorite theme ever.)
The year before I wrote ideas of how to be more creative. (Which included doing things like tying my hands together for a whole day to see how I’d have to be more creative in life when I couldn’t move my hands more than a foot apart from each other.)
Before that, I wrote faux “back cover blurbs.” (Which was gobs of fun and pretty stretching.)
The year before (which, shhh, was my least favorite), I wrote about various ideas regarding success and goals.
And the first year I blogged about Lyme disease, which was actually rather life changing for me.


Idea # 1: Letter-Form Book Review
I’ve seen it before where people write book reviews in letter form, and that’s a pretty intriguing idea to me. They’d all be kept nice and short (which is the name of the game when it comes to the A to Z Challenge), and it would be a great way for y’all to get a different look at 26 cool books. Some of the letters would be addressed to you, the reader, some would be addressed to the author, and some would be addressed to younger me. 😉

Idea #2: Book or Character or Author Spot Light
A tea party with an author, taking a character from the 1800s on a plane ride out west, or just discussing a book that has changed my life. This is the theme to find it all! If you choose this idea we’ll get an out-of-the-box look at a bunch of bookish happiness.

Idea #3: Book Related Short Vlogs
Rapid-fire challenges, 60-second book reviews, bookshelf trivia, fun various author facts, and the list goes on. These vlogs would be one to two minutes long and share my enthusiasm for all things bookish to the world.

Idea #4: Writing Tips
Let’s be real: I’ve already shared SO MANY writing tips with y’all, but if we went with this theme it would be a place where I could gather them all together, tweak them, and share them with a new twist.

Idea #5: Kitchen Hacks/Recipes
Okay y’all. My other passion besides writing happens to be cooking/all things kitcheny. I would have such a delightful time getting to inundate y’all with gobs of food-ish posts. (So eloquent, right?)

Idea #6: Why do the A to Z Challenge? Let’s just skip it this year.
I think that’s pretty self explanatory. 😉

And now! You choose! Which theme do you think I should go with this year?

8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – YOU CHOOSE

  1. Bekah says:

    I always love reading all the A-Z blog posts that I can from your blog. All of the options sounded delightful, but I was torn between the 2nd and 3rd option. Getting a glimpse into all things bookish really appealed to me and came out just barely ahead of the 3rd option, so my vote went to idea #2!

    But whatever you end up blogging about in the month of April, I know I will be following along quite happily!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Aww, you’re so sweet! Thank you! It’s a fun challenge to take part in, but so much work, too. 🙂 I’m considering cutting back my blogging days to three or four days a week, and I figure that April will be one final “blog six days a week” before that happens. 🙂


  2. Emma says:

    I can’t seem to select the option I wanted. I think you should do cooking cuz it would be fun to hear about that part of your life and maybe it would inspire me to spend more time in the kitchen. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh goodness, all the options sound fantastic! So be comforted, whatever you pick will most likely be a hit… 😉 But if I had to choose I’d probably go with 1,2, or 5 (in that order). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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