31 Things An Author Thinks

This I find myself thinking as an author:

  1. How long can I sit here editing before I need to get up to be on time for ___________?
  2. This would make a good story.
  3. Oh, I should take a picture of this beautiful scenery for my blog.
  4. I miss Raquel. Or Nicolette. (Or any character I haven’t gotten to spend enough time with.)
  5. Will editing and re-writing ever end?
  6. When can I responsibly start writing again instead of editing?
  7. Is it worth it?
  8. Is it normal to be on draft 23?
  9. Is it normal to feel like I’ll never be finished?
  10. Is it normal to blog for this long without huge results?
  11. What constitutes “huge results” in the first place?
  12. What is the point of blogging and social media?
  13. How do I divide my time as a writer?
  14. This plot twist is the best.
  15. This plot twist is making. me. freak. out.
  16. Can we just get to this plot twist already?
  17. Oh my lands. How am I going to wait YEARS for people to get to this plot twist?
  18. Why is this plot twist in the second book instead of the first?
  19. Lydia Joy Howe, what are you even thinking?
  20. Okay. I need a beta reader now.
  21. Okay. No more beta reading for now.
  22. Why did I choose to be a writer?
  23. How could anyone not want to be a writer?
  24. Being able to listen to music while working is the best part of being a writer.
  25. I think I’ll edit right now just so I can listen to some great music.
  26. Alright. I need some encouragement.
  27. Who’s around who I can tell about my writing?
  28. I don’t want to ever talk about my writing again.
  29. Alright, if I don’t tell someone about this idea I’m going to burst.
  30. Being a writer rocks.
  31. The end.

6 thoughts on “31 Things An Author Thinks

    • Lydia Howe says:

      It’s funny how so many people can relate to such random thoughts. #writersbrain And yes! Writing for sure makes an interesting life even MORE interesting. 🙂


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