Dear Katey

Dear Katey,

You, my dear, are loved by so many people. You, my dear, are the answer to so many prayers. You, my dear, are a dream come true.

From the first moment your parents told us you were going to be a part of their lives, and therefore our lives, we were praying for you, awaiting your arrival, and preparing for life with you.

As 2018 started I talked about my most anticipated reads of the year and wrote goals, but in the back of my mind I was always thinking about how 2018 would be different because my best friend would have another little baby I could read to and snuggle and love.

In the beginning, the months flew by and I mused over and over again about how soon you’d be joining us. Your mama would grab my hand and let me feel you kick and squirm. It was delightful. It was at my birthday party when your parents had us all guess if you were a boy or girl, then cut the cake. Somehow I’d been the only one to guess girl, so I was on the right side of the room to see just a split second before the rest of the guests that the cake was pink. As you can see, we were ecstatic.

PicMonkey Sample-22

Life zoomed by up until the end of January. Then my excitement knew no bounds as I awaited news that would signal your arrival. Doubtlessly my co-workers got tired of hearing me talk about how I couldn’t wait to meet you, but they kindly listened. My boss even sometimes asked “Any baby news?” when sending me my schedule for the week.

Then came your due-date. I’ll always link meeting you with the Winter Olympics and if you turn out to be exceedingly athletic, then we’ll forever be able to say “Well that makes sense.” 😉

You surpassed your due date by twelve minutes, and I held you less than an hour later. A beautiful, dark-haired, perfectly featured little girly with world-changing potential all wrapped up in an eight-pound bundle. It was surreal.


Katey dear, I have never been so shocked by a name as when I first heard yours. When your mama said “Hi Katey” I about fell over. See, that’s always been one of my favorite names. Every one of my books has a Katie (or some form of the name) in it. I’ve long dreamed of having a daughter with a variation of that name. Why, you may ask? Well, there are so many Katies I know that are loving, wonderful, godly, kind, and caring examples. So, I guess Katey is the perfect name for you. I am so looking forward to watching you grow into the girl, and eventually woman, God created you to be.


Katey, if I ever do have a daughter with a name like yours, I pray that you and my daughter will grow up to be as good of friends as me and your mama. That you two will have that special bond where you can grow up talking, listening, sharing, and being there for each other. When one of you have exciting news, I hope you find as much joy sharing it with each other as I do sharing my exciting moments with your mama.


In the meantime, you have an older sister who adores you and is quite prepared to make you her best friend. As I’ve watched her shower you with kisses and love on you, it makes my heart happy. I remember the joy felt when I became a big sister, and it thrills me to know that someone else gets to feel that same joy. Sisters are the best.


Katey darling, you are so precious. Your life has purpose and meaning and I can’t wait for you to discover what it is. You are here for a reason. You are loved, not only by a multitude of humans, but also by God – the Creator of all. How amazing and special is that?

As I write this I’m sitting next to you, rocking your seat when you squirm, and watching you sleep. You, my dear, have already made a difference in the world. Thank you.

I love you.

{in case anyone’s been wondering about my lack of posting during the last week}

Meet her older sister, here. 

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