Perks of Audiobooks

A delightfully happy Thursday morning to you, folks! Today I have a vlog about one of the great discoveries of 2017. Okay… Well, maybe not. But, for me, audiobooks were a 2017 “discovery.” And me oh my how wonderful they are!

And, y’all should totally answer the question for me: Do you count audiobooks as books you’ve “read” (on Goodreads or however you keep track of your books)? Or how do you define them?

Have a fantastic day!

2 thoughts on “Perks of Audiobooks

  1. Esther Filbrun says:

    I know this is getting to be an older post, but I’m just catching up now, so….. 🙂

    But yes, I consider the audiobooks I listen to as books I read, for several different reasons.

    First, if I didn’t count them, then the total number of books I’ve “read” over the past few years would be WAY lower than it actually is!

    Second, I tend to remember the contents of audiobooks just as much (if not more, at times!) as the print/Kindle books I read. I figure if I’m getting/retaining about the same amount of information either way, then it definitely counts.

    And third–and perhaps the most important reason–my mom has read and does read a TON of books to us, and if it weren’t for her reading aloud to me since long before I could remember, I know the amount of knowledge I have now would be a LOT less. I would count the books she’s read to me and my siblings (especially from back when I couldn’t read well by myself) to be books I’ve read. 🙂

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Ah yes, those reasons make so much sense. 🙂 It isn’t that I disagree with people that do it, I’m just confused. I have thought it would be easier because if I did count them then I could just review them like the books I read, but I don’t, so I don’t generally review them.

      I wish Goodreads had a section where you could mark them as “listened to” instead of “read”, but I do realize most people don’t agree with me on that one. 😉

      And YAY for moms who read to their kids. It’s the best, isn’t it?

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