Writing Buddies, Instagram Stories, and Peach Tea

I would say good morning, but I have a feeling I’m slightly late for that. 😉 My life isn’t completely on schedule at the moment, and I’m totally fine with that. Right now I’m at my best friend’s house, hanging out with her little girl and getting a fantastic amount of writing work done. (If you don’t count the break we just took to watch something together. #Memories)

Generally, I like to think of myself as someone who’s whimsical and make spur of the moment decisions, and yet whenever I come over here and have tea, it’s always the Perfect Peach tea. Seriously, y’all. You should try it, it’s amazing and makes hours of editing so much better.


Speaking of trying new things though, I have been trying something new – Instagram stories. I started them a few days ago and it’s a fun way to capture my work on writing. If y’all would like to follow along you can do so at lydia_reads.

Editing is going well, and I’m slightly above my goal, which is pretty cool. (Granted, I have given myself low goals with editing this month because I have so much other stuff going on.) I’m thankful for what I’ve been able to learn and accomplish with writing in the past few months. Always learning, always growing, always making changes.

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