It’s true that I might have a habit of fangirling over things that aren’t generally considered fangirlable – for instance, apparently fangirling is supposed to be reserved for thing such as movies, music, books, etc…. But I’ve learned how to take it to a whole new level and fangirl about all sorts of delightful things in life.


For instance, recently I’ve been fangirling about…

Winter – Do y’all see that beauty in the picture above? Around here life is a shimmering, glowing, breathtaking (for more than one reason) winter wonderland. On my way to work yesterday I kept wanting to stop on the back roads to gaze at the amazingness of it all. (Of course, I didn’t because the roads were very icy and so I crawled along at my slow ol’ pace and had good traction.)

Piano Music – Goodness, folks. Nothing inspires me like piano music. It makes me want to hug the world and sit down to write a book and make a complicated meal for my family and clean the house and live life more fully. And sometimes it makes me want to write a blog post. (This is what I’m listening to right now.)

Filming Unboxing videos – I would ask if there’s anything more fun in life, but in reality, I know there is (like living in a tipi for a year or going on a road trip to Alaska). When it all comes down to it, though, opening book packages in front of the camera and then watching my reactions to see how well they actually portrayed how I felt, is so much fun. That may or may not be the reason I order books sometimes. And it also may or may not be the reason I was late for writing a review recently. (Hey! I didn’t realize how long I’d had the book package waiting to open it…)

Goals, Sticky Notes, Check Marks, and Colorful Pens – Can we do a little happy dance at seeing all those delightful things mentioned in one sentence? My desk is my happy place and it’s abundantly stocked with all the above. My weekly and monthly goals consist of a lot of things that I know I HAVE to do, as well as things that I really should do. Some are big, but I also add a bunch of little things on to the list, simply so I can check them off because the mere thought of checking things off a list is enough to get me out of bed. (Posting by 9:30 in the morning? Check. Get to bed by 10:30 at night? Check. Work at the coffee shop four days this week? Check.) It also helps that all my goals are written in colorful, rotating colors. #WinAllTheWay

The White Chocolate Craisin Cookies at Work – I work at a coffee shop, if y’all didn’t know, and my boss lets me make new recipes sometimes. Some of them are flops and never see the light of day. And then there are those^. Yes, the most delicious, chewy, delightful, and mouth-watering cookies in the history of ever. And yes, I might tell each and every customer about them with wide, excited gestures.

And speaking of work, although my list of fangirling could go on and on, I’ve got to go, so bye for now, folks!

What are some things you fangirl over?

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