The Power of Books

Sometimes a book hits an amazing note that I wasn’t entirely prepared for and it makes me want to scream or grab someone’s hand and squeeze it in excitement or run and find someone to tell all about it.

Sometimes a book doesn’t have any huge plot twists, but the writing is so wonderful and the characters are so developed and the imagery is so beautiful that I just want to dance around the room or hug the book or sit down right there and then and film a vlog gushing about it.


Sometimes a book says exactly what I’ve been needing to hear and it’s like a dozen lightbulbs going off all at once. And I need to just set the book down and breath for a few minutes while thinking it through and wondering why I didn’t realize that truth sooner.

Sometimes a book is so utterly creative and delightful and brings happiness to the very core of my being. It makes me want to dash to my computer and polish my own technique and pray that God would one day allow something I’ve written to be so inspiring and special and moving for someone else.

Sometimes a book isn’t what I want to hear – it speaks the hard truth with love but firmness and makes me realize that I need to change my ways. It makes my life more difficult for a season, but in the end, it makes me a better person for what I gave up and changed.


They have power.


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