2018 Musings and Goals

Today is one of those snowy, icy, you’re-probably-not-going-to-work-today type of glorious winter mornings. It’s also one of those you-just-got-over-being-sick-now-make-today-fantastic type of mornings, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Last night as I was falling asleep I was marveling about how there are only 51 weeks left in 2018. And yes, I know 51 weeks is a long time, but the fact that one week is already gone reminds me of how each day wooshes past at a rather fast pace and after the time is gone there’s no way to get it back.


(Side note: My Christmas lights that have adorned the perimeter of my room for the last three years just – literally just – gave up the ghost.)

This year I don’t have a lot of goals. 2017 ended up throwing me so many plot twists that when I sat down to work on praying about and planning 2018, I seriously couldn’t fathom many specifics for what I wanted to accomplish in the year.

I have ideas.
I have ideals.
I have dreams.

But goals? Those aren’t as easy to tack down when talking about a whole year. Twelve months. Fifty-two weeks. Three hundred and sixty-five days. It’s a lot of time, time that I’m becoming more and more aware that I’ll never get back or be able to redo. Each of my moments count because once they’re gone, that’s it. Do you know what the cool thing is, though? That’s enough time to accomplish what I’m supposed to do this year. Time flying isn’t a bad thing, it simply means I need to stay on track and be focused.


I only have seven goals for 2018. They’re goals I’m excited about and that leave me energized instead of overwhelmed. They’re going to stretch me, but not break me, and that’s how goals are supposed to be.

My Goals for 2018

(If the Lord wills, and I live…)

  1. Write Weekly and Monthly goals – This will help me decide what’s most important each month, and then what I need to do in order to get there.
  2. 15 days of eating Paleo each month (At least)
  3. Review all the books I read
  4. Finish Echoes and When Life Hands You Lymes (both huge, huge writing projects)
  5. Query for o0ne of those ^ books
  6. Teach Junior Church for three months
  7. Vlog once a week (at least until May)


I’m excited about embracing this year and seeing how I grow and change and how I can help others. January is beautiful, in full swing, and just bursting with potential. #Happiness

4 thoughts on “2018 Musings and Goals

  1. Esther Filbrun says:

    Sounds like a good way to do goals! 🙂 I have a huge list, but only expect to get about half of them done. One thing I definitely need to work on is reviewing the original list frequently–that helps keep me on track a lot better. 🙂

    And Scrivener? Just my $.02–I love it! Also, if you win NaNo (any of the three–camp or “normal” NaNo), you can get a 50% off coupon which is very helpful!

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