Five Top Highlights from 2017

Edit: Wow, folks. I thought I published this on the second day of December, but apparently, I didn’t hit the final “publish” button. What a bummer! Oh well. Here’s a quick look into 2017. Enjoy!

Happy Twenty-Eighteen, Y’all!

If you’ve been around Noveltea for the beginning of a new year, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that I generally have a gigantic end of the year recap post – and when I say gigantic, I mean 3,00+ words. It’s kinda like a small book. But this year I decided not to do that. (Shocking, right?)

But, before we move fully on to 2018, I did think it would be fun to mention my Top Five Highlights from 2017 – these are loosely in chronological order but not totally. Also, these are just the top five, and I had many, many, many more wonderful things happen during the year.

  1.  We had new neighbors move in who are also co-workers at one of my nonwriting jobs. It’s suddenly like I have two more brothers and even though I wasn’t too hyped about it when I first found out, having them around has turned out to be one of the best things ever (like, for real). They spend a lot of time with our family and we’ve made a bunch of fantastic memories together.
  2. Meeting Kaitlyn in real life. Kaitlyn and I were introduced via email by a mutual friend (who I actually met on this blog) in early 2016 and connected right away. Though the next few months she became a good friend, but then I went through some pretty crazy things and she was there with long emails, thousands of texts, and long video chats. By the time that was over we’d bonded pretty solidly, had tons of inside jokes, and I couldn’t wait to actually get to meet her in person. What ended up making the week we spent together even more wonderful is that Hosanna, Kaitlyn, and I were volunteering together at a retreat. #GoodTimes
  3. Going to Montana with my ‘adopted parents’ in July for a Dinosaur Dig. Goodness folks. I thought I’d enjoy the experience, but I never even imagined I would actually like the process of digging for fossils. I’d heard it was really tedious, but oh my lands. It was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.
  4. My job. Folks. I’ve wanted to work at a bookstore or food establishment for years. Getting the job at Champman’s Coffee House was a dream come true and has been more fun than I ever imagined – and I have a pretty good imagination. It’s so much fun to get to make delicious food for people who appreciate it, plus getting to know the regulars, making friends, and all that great stuff. Plus, I’ve got a really, really great boss and co-workers, and that makes a world of difference.
  5. All the wonderful time I got to spend with my family and friends. I don’t have a specific date, story, or memory for this one – it’s more a conglomeration of a mosaic of memories from 2017. Camping with my family (and the surroundings – a dream come true for sure), my best friend expecting her second child, late night ice cream runs with my younger siblings and their friends (we need to do this again), growing closer to our church family, random late night video chats with Hosanna, babysitting my niece, becoming friends with Kilmeny, visiting my sister at her house, having my own car so I can go on more random adventures (yes, the car counts as a friend), and the list continues going on and on. IMG_6488

And there you have it folks, a very brief look at this last year of my life. I’m also so thankful for YOU. Seriously, my blog has helped me make so many friends which is delightful – in fact, this year alone I met at least three people who knew me from my blog.  (Crazy, right?) Thank you for all the time you’ve spent being a part of my life. Blessings on this next year of your life – may it be the most creative, comfort zone busting, healthy, God-centered, and loved year you’ve ever experienced.

If you feel so inclined to share some of your highlights from 2017, I’d be delighted to hear them. 🙂

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