Walking On Water {Book Review}

Walking on Water

by Jennifer A. Miskov

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First Person • Nonfiction • 192 Pages


Back Cover Blurb: 

Peter never set out to walk on water; he didn’t attend a special seminar or school. He just wanted to be closer to Jesus. No matter the storm, no matter the danger, he saw only Jesus–and that’s what got him out of the boat and into the impossible.

We all have storms and barriers in life. And, like Peter, we have a choice: stay in the safe, small places or pursue with reckless abandon the limitless heart of Jesus.

With fresh biblical insight and immediately practical application, author and teacher Jennifer Miskov paints a bigger and entirely more compelling vision of a life lived on the water. You’ll discover the source of courageous faith and how to let go and take those first steps. The wind and the waves will come. But the One you’re walking toward has calmed the storm, and he’s waiting to do the impossible on your behalf. He’s waiting for you to take a risk, to follow your heart–and to step out of the boat.


I want my life to be one that is lived out of the bounds of normalcy because I serve an amazing and awe-inspiring God. It’s so easy to get bogged down with every day, but I want to always remember that God can use me during my everyday moments when I am surrendered to Him. This book seemed like a good one to read as I work at following Him more and being more open to what He has in store for me.


This book was supposed to be read over a period of time, so even though I generally read through a book quickly, I made myself read it slowly and implement some of the suggestions the author made. I’m glad I did that and recommend that other readers take this approach, as well.

The author shares a lot of examples from her own life – both the good and the bad – and that helps the book come alive and easier to relate to. The book has a lot of good information and provides a lot of thoughts to mull over and ponder. It reminded me (once again) how important it is to sit back and spend focus time with God instead of always being distracted by life and especially technology. This is a lesson I’ve been working on learning for a while, and I’ve been making changes in my life, so reading this was quite timely.

Living a life totally dedicated to God isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. I want to make sure my life reflects His will, and that I don’t just do what I want. This book was about taking the next steps – stepping outside of the norm and being open to, actually seeking out, God working in our lives.


There were a few things in the book, or at least wordings, that I wasn’t totally comfortable with. There was also one chapter about “following your heart” that I think could be misinterpreted very easily. Because of these things I hesitate to fully recommend it, although overall I greatly appreciated the message and agree with most of what she wrote.


I’m giving Walking On Water 4 out of 5 stars, and 8 out of 10

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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