A Thousand of the Things I’m Thankful For {Happy Thanksgiving!}

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

As I’ve done the last several years, this morning I sat down and wrote a list of a thousand things I’m thankful for. It’s (obviously) not an exhaustive list – in fact I’ve already thought of several more things I could have written down. Isn’t it amazing how many blessings we have?

Of course I don’t expect y’all to read all of it, I just enjoy spending some time thinking of all I have to be thankful for. This list took me an hour and forty minutes, not including a couple of breaks here and there. It was a lot of fun and I hope it inspires you to be more thankful.

What are some things you’re thankful for today?

Today I am thankful…

  1. For my coffee shop job
  2. The people I get to work with there
  3. THat I get to make food
  4. That the food I get to make is really fun and yummy
  5. That I get to make people happy by serving them coffee and good food
  6. That my boss is easy-going and forgiving
  7. That I finally learned how to work the register
  8. For how my office is set up
  9. For the beautiful view of the field and woods from my window
  10. That I can type
  11. That I have a computer to type on
  12. That I live out in the country
  13. the delightful country road we live on
  14. walking in the cold
  15. coffee
  16. that there’s such a thing as decaf coffee
  17. mommy buying me decaf coffee because she’s so sweet
  18. my mom
  19. all the work mom does
  20. for how mom raised us to know how to do household tasks
  21. for mom teaching me how to cook
  22. Thanksgiving – how we get to have a day dedicated to being thankful
  23. spellcheck
  24. that my family is gathering for Thanksgiving
  25. All of my lovely family
  26. my nieces and nephews
  27. my new niece that should arrive next year
  28. that Susanna likes to write
  29. that Susanna is like me and we have fun together
  30. that Susanna likes to read
  31. for Elisabeth and how mature she is
  32. that Betsie has Elisabeth to help her with everything at home
  33. that Elisabeth has a good imagination
  34. all the years Elisabeth and I have ridden Chesnut and Lightening together
  35. for my time in Peru
  36. That I have so many memories from living there for two months
  37. getting to journal when I was there
  38. all the emails I Have from when we were there
  39. that even though my computer didn’t work I could still use the internet cafe
  40. the experiences we had when I was there
  41. that I could use those things I learned to help tell another friend what to expect when she was going away
  42. the food we have in America
  43. the traditions we have regarding Thanksgiving
  44. that I live in a family where we have fun in the kitchen together
  45. that we have a kitchen
  46. that our kitchen isn’t really small
  47. that we grew up in a kitchen where we were allowed to sit on the counters
  48. all the memories I have of David, Helena, and I sitting on counters in our old house
  49. That I come from a big-ish family
  50. That my family loves and accepts me
  51. That my family doesn’t make fun of me for my weirdness
  52. all the fun we have playing games together in the winter
  53. long winter evenings
  54. how much fun it is to hang out with people when they aren’t on their phones
  55. that I have a phone
  56. that I’m learning balance with my phone
  57. that I’m not addicted to my phone
  58. that my phone is a tool and something that can help me
  59. for two dollar bills
  60. for people who tip well at the coffee shop
  61. that I now know how nice it is when people give tips
  62. that I can give people tips
  63. that I have a car
  64. that my car works well
  65. that Leo keeps putting air in the tires
  66. that I can afford gas
  67. that I can listen to music while driving
  68. that I can drive with the windows down
  69. that I have a sky roof
  70. for tea
  71. tea from Kaitlyn
  72. my Keurig from my adopted parents
  73. getting to go to Montana
  74. having so much fun on the dinosaur dig
  75. the turtle shell I found
  76. the fossilized sequoia cone
  77. making memories while traveling
  78. having a good enough memory to remember those memories
  79. getting to vlog
  80. having so much fun vlogging
  81. that I like to edit as much as I do
  82. for picmonky
  83. for iMovie
  84. for Youtube
  85. for everyone who watches my videos on Youtube
  86. for those few Youtube channels that I like to watch
  87. for learning from other Youtubers
  88. for my blog
  89. for moving over to WordPress
  90. for all those who read my blog
  91. for the friends I’ve made through Noveltea
  92. for being able to email some of them
  93. meeting some of them in person
  94. Hosanna who keeps me in the know
  95. for how Hosanna is always encouraging me with my writing
  96. brothers
  97. Hosanna’s sense of humor
  98. her large vocabulary
  99. how much she reads and the fact that we can share books
  100. that she surprised me last month and came early
  101. and that I wasn’t actually surprised because she’s Hosanna
  102. for her being a very comfortable person
  103. that she knows what I’m saying even when I phrase it wrong
  104. that she helps out so much
  105. that she’s so kind to her family
  106. that we can video chat
  107. that she’s patient with me
  108. that my family loves her and she loves them
  109. that we’re forever gonna be friends
  110. that she’s a touchy-feely person
  111. that she knows what it means when I say “low-key loneliness”
  112. that she’s willing to try new things
  113. that someday we might go on a road trip together
  114. that someday she’ll drive out here and visit me
  115. all the memories we have together
  116. all the memories we’re gonna make in the future
  117. that I’ve gotten to meet a lot of her friends
  118. Whimsy
  119. that I’ve had him for a year now
  120. that he’s the best indoor pet basically ever
  121. that I only have one indoor rabbit
  122. that he’s easy-going
  123. that we’ve gotten into a good routine
  124. music
  125. Christmas music
  126. getting to listen to Christmas music at work last night after closing
  127. dancing in the rain with strangers
  128. having rain to dance in
  129. that we have enough water
  130. that we aren’t flooding
  131. that we have had some snow
  132. that before long we should get more snow
  133. that this autumn was the most beautiful thing
  134. that I could visit my adopted parents three times in October
  135. how beautiful Maple trees are in the autumn
  136. that I live in a place with all four seasons
  137. that I live in Ohio
  138. that I can learn from what I live around
  139. gravel roads
  140. dirt roads
  141. old side roads
  142. that I know how to speak English
  143. that I get to work at the retreat
  144. that I get to cook a lot for a lot of people
  145. Chadwin
  146. how much fun Chadwin and I have together
  147. all the puns regarding me and Chadwin
  148. getting to cut the grass
  149. enjoying that task so much
  150. having so much grass to cut
  151. how fast the grass grows in the summer
  152. long summer days
  153. hanging out outside with family and friends in the summer
  154. sitting on the porch steps and watching the fireflies
  155. all the stars
  156. living out in the fresh air
  157. listening to the whipper-will
  158. all the night time creatures
  159. reading late on the porch
  160. reading late altogether
  161. good books to read
  162. that I can read
  163. that my eyes don’t tire easily
  164. that I can write
  165. that my writing can be used for God’s glory
  166. that I enjoy writing
  167. that I’m finally getting writing work done again
  168. that I can review all the books I read
  169. review sites like Amazon and Goodreads
  170. that I get books free in exchange for review
  171. that I’ve gotten like 60 free books this year
  172. that I’ve read so many nonfiction books this year
  173. that this year has been one of learning and growing and changes
  174. that Kaitlyn reminded me this year that I’m growing roots
  175. that roots are important
  176. that it’s been good growing deep
  177. that even hard times can be used for good
  178. that I have wise people around me
  179. for the wisdom people have poured into me
  180. our church
  181. our church family
  182. getting to help out with Sunday School
  183. all my little darling Sunday school kids
  184. the friendships I’ve made with them
  185. how our church is growing
  186. how people are changing
  187. how friendships are made
  188. our pastor
  189. that he’s so strong in God’s Word
  190. the truth of God’s Word
  191. that we can learn and grow and become who we are supposed to be while following God’s word
  192. my seat at church
  193. our group at church
  194. Jamie being such a fantastic leader
  195. Nicole being such another fantastic leader
  196. Nicole and how supportive she is
  197. Jamie and Nicole and how cute they are together
  198. how much they love each other
  199. the example they are to the rest of us
  200. the way that they really want what’s best
  201. how they give of themselves for others
  202. how they help us connect
  203. how they really want to help us grow
  204. how they prepare
  205. Andrea
  206. Stephen
  207. Brad
  208. Josh
  209. John
  210. Javin
  211. Veronica
  212. Dakota
  213. Jared
  214. Ben
  215. Leo
  216. Cameron
  217. Emily
  218. Gloria
  219. Ian
  220. Jamin
  221. Jeremy
  222. Jordan
  223. Paige
  224. Peyton
  225. Samantha
  226. Susan
  227. Tiffany
  228. Tyler
  229. Sara
  230. Ben
  231. Susie
  232. all the good conversations we have
  233. the retreat we had
  234. our good connecting time
  235. campfires
  236. memories of the girl’s cabin
  237. that it was close to home
  238. Marty
  239. Ruth
  240. our fun time talking in the kitchen
  241. getting to work in such a big, nice kitchen
  242. Miss Becky
  243. Mr. Dave
  244. Easton
  245. Josie
  246. Abbey
  247. Hannah
  248. Abbie
  249. Sophie
  250. Natalie
  251. Shayla
  252. Jacy
  253. Macy
  254. Zoey
  255. David
  256. Matthew
  257. Colton
  258. Uncle Zane
  259. Aunt Denise
  260. Zane J.
  261. Zack
  262. Zebb
  263. Zeke
  264. Zion
  265. Annie
  266. Alexa
  267. Aubrey
  268. Zach
  269. cousins who live close by
  270. cousins who live far away but we still get to connect with
  271. weddings
  272.  Uncle Chet
  273. Aunt Becca
  274. Susie
  275. Jesse
  276. Uncle Matt
  277. Aunt Lori
  278. the times they open their house to us
  279. when they come for a visit
  280. Olivia
  281. getting to hang out with her more this year and connect
  282. Mark
  283. Megan
  284. Carson
  285. the cool stuff going on with them
  286. Elizabeth
  287.  Uncle Dean
  288. Uncle Dan
  289. Aunt Cindy
  290. Nathan
  291. Uncle Nick
  292. Aunt Angela
  293. Isaiah
  294. Isaac
  295. Inkia
  296. Ilijah
  297. getting to see family in Nashville
  298. meeting Leo’s family
  299. Leo and Ben
  300. all of the happiness of hanging out with friends
  301. Mr. Leo’s Dad
  302. Miss Ada
  303. Ruth
  304. Susan
  305. Lilly
  306. Julie
  307. Jesse
  308. James
  309. Jaylin
  310. Female Human of the Shrock Family Number Six
  311. Mary Ada
  312. fun times at the retreat this summer
  313. how well the retreat went
  314. everyone who came to help out at the retreat
  315. how much each of the people wanted to serve
  316. all the lives that were changed
  317. the kitchen crew
  318. listening to Antshilvania in the kitchen
  319. Kaitlyn coming
  320. Kaitlyn being such a kindred spirit
  321. all I’ve learned from Kaitlyn
  322. how we have our own secret code
  323. all the inside jokes we get to share
  324. the encouragement she’s been as I deepen my walk with Jesus
  325. the blessings she gives others
  326. fun times with her younger siblings
  327. working in the kitchen with the lights
  328. family breakfasts
  329. Moria
  330. i58
  331. all that we can be part of on a worldwide scale
  332. getting my health back in order
  333. dreams for the future
  334. the ladies we know who come to the MWR
  335. soybean candles
  336. Miss Laurie
  337. Pastor Larry
  338. Josh
  339. Mish
  340. Nate
  341. Paige
  342. Brooke
  343. Taylor
  344. Tyler
  345. Heidi
  346. Kristiana
  347. Miss Diana
  348. Di
  349. Su
  350. Carol
  351. Jo
  352. her children
  353. Mark
  354. Grandma
  355. how well she’s doing
  356. that she went through the flood
  357. that we were able to visit her
  358. that we can show her love
  359. that we love her
  360. all the good times we’ve had together over the years
  361.  that my parents are in a place where they can spend a lot of time with her
  362. Grandpa
  363. Elenore
  364. how much they’ve done for us over the years
  365. that they used to live here
  366. all the breakfast times
  367. reading Paddington Bear up on the porch
  368. the goat barn
  369. all the years of raising goats
  370. that we don’t have goats anymore
  371. dogs
  372. my dog
  373. my animals over the years
  374. that I live in a place where I can have pets
  375. the snails I’ve found
  376. the plants I’ve tried to raise
  377. the years I’ve had gardens
  378. Mariah’s garden
  379. Mariah’s hard work
  380. her good skills
  381. her yummy food
  382. her kind heart
  383. her fastness with housecleaning
  384. her kindness with children
  385. her hopes and plans
  386. her love for others
  387. her friends
  388. her life
  389. David
  390. how so many of his dreams have come true
  391. how he’s such a good dad
  392. how much he loves his family
  393. that he lives close by
  394. that we can be friends
  395. his work
  396. his blessings to others
  397.  his knowledge
  398. his new little one
  399. his sense of humor
  400. his work with the kids at church
  401. the changes he’s making
  402. his wisdom
  403. his running
  404. his health
  405. his half marathon
  406. four-wheeler rides with him
  407. skunks
  408. cats
  409. baby animals
  410. foxes
  411. sunflowers
  412. lilacs
  413. roses
  414. sayings
  416. stories
  417. words
  418. life
  419. love
  420. happiness
  421. joy
  422. truth
  423. sisters
  424. memories
  425. streams
  426. bags
  427. corn husk dolls
  428. stacking dolls
  429. my mommy doll
  430. pens
  431. pencils
  432. salt
  433. ink
  434. books
  435. pictures
  436. Amadou
  437. getting the letter sent out
  438. glitter
  439. the postal service
  440. parents who help direct
  441. stuffed animals
  442. salt rocks
  443. licking salt rocks
  444. sticky-notes
  445. notebooks
  446. WriteMind notebooks
  447. coffee mugs
  448. matches
  449. pumpkins
  450. Lifeproof cases
  451. warranties
  452. Christmas lights
  453. bowls
  454. spoons
  455. forks
  456. plates
  457. napkins
  458. audio books
  459. popsicle sticks
  460. crafts
  461. magnets
  462. hair
  463. hair clips
  464. soap
  465. clean bathrooms
  466. clean kitchens
  467. hats
  468. dried flowers
  469. bookshelves
  470. rocks
  471. roots
  472. trees
  473.  white trees
  474. pine trees
  475. dandelions
  476. Where Dandelions Grow
  477. book releases
  478. theinternett
  479. CDs
  480. dolphins
  481. heart rocks
  482. running through airports with rocks and not falling
  483. ice cream
  484. yummy food that is healthy
  485. white chocolate
  486. friends who give special gifts
  487. love languages
  488. personality tests
  489. where I am in life
  490. that I’m doing fulfilling stuff
  491. random papers
  492. brooms
  493. that we can give thanks
  494. that rejoicing always really does help
  495. that I don’t live in my own power
  496. Susan
  497. Cassie
  498. My adopted Mom
  499. my adopted Dad
  500. Steve
  501. Trish
  502. security guards
  503. the Creation Museum
  504. God still being God no matter what
  505. God being more powerful than anything else
  506. clothes
  507. warm shoes
  508. cute socks
  509. blankets
  510. fuzzy blankets
  511. windows
  512. screens
  513. sleeping bags
  514. sleeping on the floor
  515. not having bad snakes around
  516. birds
  517. bluejays
  518. the color blue
  519. purple
  520. yellow
  521. brown
  522. orange
  523. green
  524. red
  525. silver
  526. plots
  527. plot holes that get fixed
  528. creating characters
  529. learning from books
  530. teaching from books
  531. books that aren’t preachy
  532. books where you get lots of reviews
  533. texting
  534. people to text
  535. people who you don’t have to text
  536. iMessage
  537. HIS
  538. all the team
  539. Elaine
  540. Jon
  541. Stephanie
  542. Scott
  543. Tim
  544. Logan
  545. Tracy
  546. that I’m part of the team
  547. Lisa
  548. Jeremiah
  549. Meagan
  550. Kenzie
  551. Titus
  552. Emma
  553. Lucas
  554. Clara
  555. New authors
  556. how much I like connecting with authors
  557. Miss Alana
  558. Lost Girl of Astor Street
  559. Miss Stephanie
  560. Go Teen Writers
  561. All I’ve learned from that site
  562. how much the Facebook group helped me
  563. that joy is a choice
  564. postcards
  565. going to Mexico
  566. that no one was hurt
  567. good memories
  568. getting to swim
  569. the ocean
  570. watching the sunset
  571. watching the sunrise
  572. challenges
  573. Thrive
  574. my middle name
  575. why I was named what I was
  576. my blogging mug
  577. my keyboard
  578. my desk set up
  579. my chair
  580. hardwood floors
  581. tents
  582. tipis
  583. the Ark Encounter
  584. visiting there
  585. behind the Scenes
  586. Miss Jackie
  587. Dorcas
  588. Abigail
  589. Josh
  590. marriage
  591. engagements
  592. when people are really happy
  593. my rock from Petite-Cap
  594. getting to go to Canada as a child
  595. going to Prince Edward Island
  596. Traveling to Europe
  597. Seeing all the old buildings
  598. so much good family time
  599. Paris
  600. that we all stayed safe there
  601. that I went up the Elfie Tower
  602. blue skies
  603. cloudy days
  604. days where it looks like the world has a gray lid on
  605. going to Arizona with Helena a long time ago
  606. the ability to stop and focus on my blessings
  607. being able to be a part of people’s lives
  608. washers
  609. dryers
  610. dishwashers
  611. stoves
  612. fridges
  613. freezers
  614. knives
  615. skillets
  616. coffee makers
  617. teapots
  618. tea holders
  619. chewing on things
  620.  teeth
  621. toes
  622. fingers
  623. arms
  624. hands
  625. legs
  626. being able to walk
  627. being able to hear
  628. being able to see
  629. being able to taste
  630. being able to smell
  631. being able to touch
  632. being able to move
  633. being able to think
  634. being able to reason
  635. knowing right and wrong
  636. the Bible
  637. being salt and light
  638. learning not to waste time
  639. all the hard lessons I’ve gone through that I won’t have to go through again
  640. God’s love
  641. God’s forgiveness
  642. God’s grace
  643. God’s hope
  644. God’s plans for my life
  645. my relationship with God
  646. walking daily with Him
  647. getting to spend time with Him
  648. knowing that He has me on earth for a purpose
  649. finding fulfillment in what He has me doing
  650. Him giving me second chances over and over again
  651. Him showing me how to love
  652. Him helping me move toward where I should be
  653. Him giving me love to share with others
  654. Him giving my life purpose and meaning
  655. all the verses in the Bible about fear not
  656. verses about being His hands and feet
  657. the privilege of getting to do work for Him
  658. remembering to love even when I don’t feel like it
  659. that I don’t have to go through life on my own
  660. that I can stand strong in His grace
  661. that He loved me so much He sent His Son to die for me
  662. that the Holy Spirit lives in me
  663. that I can read books and learn more about Him
  664. that there is power in His Name
  665. that there is power in Jesus’ blood
  666. that through Him I am more than a conqueror
  667. that all things are possible through Him
  668. that He has me where I am right now
  669. that He gives me peace even when I don’t know what will happen next
  670. that I can rest in Him and how His way is better than mine
  671. that He helps me not get what I think I want when I really don’t want it
  672. that He has shown Himself faithful and trustworthy
  673. that His promises always come to pass
  674. that He shows His great love to the whole earth
  675. His compassion
  676. His creativity
  677. that He named the stars
  678. that He is an author
  679. that He created me to be an author
  680. all the authors that write God-honoring books
  681. how my brain works
  682. that people are patient when I’m in writing mode
  683. that I can get into writing mode
  684. that I can edit
  685. that I enjoy what I do
  686. when good lines come to me
  687. words and how they work
  688. that there is power in words
  689.  that I can use my words for life
  690. that I can bless others
  691. that I was taught to be careful what I say
  692. that I’ve lived for a quarter of a century
  693. that God has a plan for the rest of my life and I’m working toward that
  694. elephants
  695. lions
  696. monkeys
  697. ferrets
  698. platypus
  699. fish
  700. whales
  701. apes
  702. hospitals
  703. doctors
  704. nurses
  705. healthy people helping those who need it
  706. medicine
  707. PEMF mats
  708. PEMF Supply
  709. Dad and how smart he is
  710. how he loves us
  711. how he takes time to talk with us
  712. his grace
  713. his easygoing manner
  714. getting his health in shape
  715. working at being who he’s supposed to be
  716. Tuesday evenings
  717. connecting with him
  718. how generous he is
  719. how he provides for us
  720. how he loves to serve others
  721. the good example he is
  722. Helena’s house
  723. how pretty it is
  724. that she has a roommate
  725. that she has done so much for the kingdom of God
  726. London
  727. how cute London is
  728. that she didn’t mess up stuff when she was here
  729. Helena’s good taste
  730. Helena’s hospitality
  731. her meals she makes us
  732. when she helps with retreats
  733. how much she does for HIS
  734. getting to sit and talk with her
  735. all the times we’ve gone places together
  736. her work at church
  737. how she can talk with a bunch of people and relate
  738. all the girls who consider her one of their best friends
  739. that she’s my sister
  740. that she shares her friends with me
  741. that she wants what’s best for others even if it’s not easy
  742. her self-control
  743. Sarah living close by
  744. Getting to hang out with Sarah
  745. that she’s such a good mother
  746. when I get to just sit and connect with her
  747. watching her be all happy
  748. her creativity
  749. her art
  750. her joy
  751. her making the world a more homey place
  752. her way of telling stories
  753. that she’s such a dream come true
  754. Bekah
  755. Emma
  756. Esther
  757. Glenda
  758. people who I can connect with via email
  759. mornings
  760. learning how to step out of my comfort zone
  761. the blessings that come from being outside of your comfort zone
  762. getting enough sleep
  763. learning to deal with not enough sleep
  764. snail mail
  765. gluten-free food
  766. corn
  767. apples
  768. applesauce
  769. apple crisp
  770. apple pie
  771. autumn foods
  772. when couples are totally in love
  773. Grammarly
  774. Flower girls
  775. sparkles
  776. sparkly socks
  777. texting books
  778. Mr. Bollback
  779. Mrs. Bollback
  780. Mr. FitStephen
  781. Mrs. Fitstephen
  782. Miss Nellie
  783. Kiley
  784. Whitney
  785. Ataley
  786. Hannah
  787. Leah
  788. Michela
  789. Chloe
  790. Elarie
  791. Avery
  792. Hailey
  793. Kilmoney
  794. The Hopely Cows
  795. going to Colorado last year
  796. RVs
  797. when life-long dreams come true
  798. getting to have dreams
  799. when I have really fun night time dreams
  800. when I can go back to the dream after waking up
  801. when I get to sleep a good solid night
  802. lights over the sink
  803. getting to blog so much
  804. sometimes being funny on Twitter
  805. learning how to be more of who I want to be
  806. everyone I grew up with who impacted my life in a positive way
  807. all those who forgive stuff I did that I shouldn’t have done
  808. coffee creamer
  809. beta readers
  810. meeting beta readers in real life
  811. learning from what they say about my books
  812. learning to be open-minded about my writing
  813. Sammi
  814. MacKenzie
  815. Daniel
  816. Kyle
  817. Levi
  818. Shawn
  819. Cassie
  820. Kata
  821. Megan
  822. Matt
  823. Erica
  824. Moses
  825. all the games we get to play together
  826. the teasing we do
  827. him taking me out to eat
  828. making good memories
  829. all the help he is
  830. his cheerful attitude
  831. Francis
  832. Isaac
  833. Darrick
  834. Eldron
  835. Having enough clean water to drink
  836. people who love others with God’s love and really show it
  837. Logan and how much fun we have playing games, too
  838. all the nights we’ve stayed up playing games
  839. last Christmas where we stayed up playing games all night then did the dishes at five in the morning
  840. that Helena should be home for Christmas this year
  841. that each year is a new year
  842. that we can have new beginnings
  843. Johanna and her dedication
  844. how she listen’s to God
  845. all she does to help others
  846. showing her love to others
  847. her good example
  848. how she is changing the world
  849. Mom and her graciousness toward others
  850. her hard work
  851. her love for others
  852. her grace
  853. her forgiveness
  854. how she keeps stuff going smoothly
  855. her organization with the retreat
  856. knowing that she prays for me
  857. how the MWR can change so many people through her work
  858. missionaries all over the world
  859. everyone who willingly and happily gives up for God’s Kingdom
  860. being friends with world-changers
  861. drums
  862. guitars
  863. violins
  864. cellos
  865. pianos
  866. musicians
  867. music that makes my heart happy
  868. music that inspires
  869. things that inspire in general
  870. Love Does
  871. Love Lives Here
  872. A King for Brass Cobweb
  873. Bob Goff
  874. Marie Goff
  875. Control Girl
  876. Storyworld First
  877. Catherine Farnes
  878. Over the Divide
  879. SnowBlind
  880. Over the Edge
  881. Rivers of Judah
  882. Snow
  883. Out of Hiding
  884. Way of Escape
  885. books that are like old friends
  886. John Maxwell
  887. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  888. Rachel Coker
  889. The Extroverted Writer
  890. All the books on writing that have really helped me
  891. all the blog articles on writing that have been just what I needed
  892. all the people who have taken time to help my writing become more of what it should be
  893. all those people who ask about my writing and encourage me
  894. Historical fiction
  895. books that don’t have lame romances
  896. book reviews
  897. Loglines in the Wild
  898. Every Body Matters
  899. Learning to take care of my health well
  900. The Seven Laws of Love
  901. Love Dangerously
  902. The Hiding Place
  903. Corrie ten Boom
  904. all of her books that I’ve been able to read
  905. how much I’ve learned from her
  906. the way she was able to influence so many people
  907. that she gave God not only the good parts of her life, but also the bad
  908. that she was willing to be really honest and help others
  909. her dedication to forgiveness through God’s power
  910. that we can still learn from her after she’s in Heaven
  911. that hopefully my books will outlast me and they will continue to inspire, too
  912. that I can leave a legacy
  913. Fintheg teh Core of Your Story
  914. Learning how to write cover letters
  915.  Learning how to query
  916. that I can take deep breaths when I feel totally overwhelmed
  917. that God is outside of time and therefore I don’t have to freak out
  918. that freaking out doesn’t help anything anyway
  919. new perspectives on life
  920. seeing the world from someone else’s point of view
  921. getting to learn about other cultures through books
  922. having gotten to meet Michael Card
  923. Michael Card’s music
  924. his books
  925. his sense of humor
  926. his life
  927. smiling
  928. truly being thankful for small things
  929. knowing that I have so much to rejoice about
  930. changing my attitude when I get down on life
  931. having my birthday in September
  932. going barefoot
  933. memes that make me laugh
  934. being able to get on the floor and scrub it
  935. how rewarding it is to look at a clean room
  936. hot water to wash dishes in
  937. bathroom cupboards to organize
  938. my old chair that I really like
  939. Psalm 139
  940. Psalm 119
  941. Psalm 91
  942. Psalm 23
  943. Jim Elliot
  944. the name Elliot
  945. the name Lyrica
  946. names that have special meaning
  947. rest
  948. Sundays
  949. setting aside time for special things
  950. Angela and Abner
  951. Daniel and Charity
  952. Dorcas and Daniel
  953. playing special parts in people’s special days
  954. when I’m friends with someone and they really like the uniqueness of me
  955. Holidays
  956. traveling by plane
  957. that we can fly places and get there quickly
  958. that we can communicate with people even when they live far away
  959. that God is at work around where I live
  960. Justin
  961. Laken
  962. Luke
  963. Grady
  964. Amy
  965. Greta
  966. Amy
  967. Melissa
  968. Shanna
  969. Briana
  970. Miss Joy
  971. good examples
  972. adoption
  973. people who have second chances and totally change their lives
  974. people who get over addictions
  975. that it’s possible to get over addictions
  976. that God doesn’t strike us all dead even when we deserve it
  977. that I can learn to be more like God (with grace and patience, etc…)
  978. Making lists
  979. checking things off lists
  980. pencil sharpeners
  981. that we can keep track of time
  982. jolly ranchers
  983. sending books to people
  984. surprising people with gifts
  985. remembering birthdays on time
  986. getting caught up with stuff
  987. special birthday dinners
  988. snowflakes
  989. raindrops
  990. swinging in the rain
  991. Eric
  992. when the sun bursts through on a cloudy day
  993. the bright moon at night
  994. roofs that don’t leak
  995. houses that are sturdy
  996. having enough heat
  997. learning to reach out even when it’s hard
  998. old journals
  999. Learning from past generations
  1000. Being blessed with getting to live life in 2017








9 thoughts on “A Thousand of the Things I’m Thankful For {Happy Thanksgiving!}

  1. CutePolarBear says:

    I’m impressed! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, too. 🙂 (And that we were able to go this year!)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karis says:

    I saw this post in my inbox and didn’t actually think you’d truly have written 1,000 things out. I’m mean who does that? But you did. And I’m glad you did. It inspired me today to work on a list of things I was thankful. I didn’t get nearly as many written down as you did, (I’m at 150), but it was a very refreshing exercise to be able to do and reflect all all that God’s blessed me with.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Aww, I’m so glad to hear that! I’m glad it could inspire you, and YES! Isn’t it so special and refreshing to take time and ponder about all the amazing blessings we have in our lives? Being thankful is so important and has helped me in a lot of ways.


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