Pass It On {Book Review – Cool Cover}

Pass It On

by Champ Thornton

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Fill-Out • Nonfiction • 220 Pages



About the Book:

Although the fast-changing world might say otherwise, there is still great value in passing on life lessons to the next generation. Going through the book of Proverbs in bite-size chunks will give users an opportunity to learn God’s wisdom and then share that wisdom with the next generation.

Pass It On guides users through the book of Proverbs and allows them to create their own, personalized wisdom journal that they can share with someone they love. Answering questions about God’s perspective on the world, writing out prayers, and sharing their own stories will give users a way to create a lasting keepsake for themselves and for someone they love.

Champ Thornton, best-selling author of The Radical Book for Kids, has created another innovative resource to help strengthen families and grow them in their love for God and each other. There are many different kinds of legacies to leave, but sharing yourself with the next generation, will stand the test of time. This is a perfect gift for an older and wiser friend or relative so they can share themselves and what they have learned about God with the next generation.

Why I Choose this Book:

I’ve been reading the Proverb of the day for nearly four years now so to dig deeper into the book was intriguing to me. Plus, I thought it would be neat to fill out this book now – when I’m still single – with the idea of passing it along to my kids one day if I ever get married. I figured it would be interesting to see how my thoughts and perspectives change as I get older.

What I Thought about this Book:

When possible I read books entirely before reviewing them, but sometimes I get a book for review without enough time to go through it all the way. (For instance a Study Bible.) This is another one of those books because it’s supposed to be gone through slowly – they suggest you only go through one Proverb a week. Therefore, the thoughts I’m sharing are from what I’ve already gone through, plus my overall impressions.

The Cover

Y’all. It has a soft, leathery feel and is textured. I’m a touchy-feely person, so textures make me happy. If you look at the picture above there are “stitches”, well those are real, not just drawn on. And the words and the quill are engraved into the cover. And the gold lettering shimmers. Although the colors aren’t exactly my style, the rest of the book is a total feast for the eyes, as well as delightful to the touch. But. Enough about that.

The Concept 

really like the idea of filling out a book about the book of Proverbs for the next generation. How much more Biblical can you get? So many of the verses in Proverbs are of a father passing advice and wisdom along to his son, and so kudos to Mr. Thornton for creating this book.

The Introduction 

The first twenty pages tell what you’re supposed to do with the book, as well as giving a birds-eye-view of Proverbs. For the most part I liked this, but there were times I found it slightly confusing.

The Chapter By Chapter Set Up

I like this a lot. It’s easy to understand, clear, and laid out nicely. It starts with a “Guided Tour” which is only a few paragraphs long and talks about the Proverb. Next “At-A-Glance” where we have a chart breaking the chapter down into verse sections. Then we have the Proverb itself, which includes breaks that correspond with the “At-A-Glance” chart. (I really like that.) And each chapter ends with several pages of “Reflections” where the reader gets to answer different questions, writer prayers, and share part of their life story for whoever they are going to “Pass It On” to.

The Questions 

The questions themselves haven’t really blown me away with their greatness. There have been times when I’ve been slightly confused, or else not sure why a certain question is deemed important. Still, I’ve enjoyed getting to answer them, and they have caused me to pause and really reflect which is good.


I’ve been enjoying this book so far, and look forward to continuing on with it. If my dad would fill out something like this (he wouldn’t – I asked) then I would totally get a book for him.


I’m giving Pass It On 4 out of 5 stars, and 8 out of 10

*I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review

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