Fish Eyeballs, Temper Tantrums, & Snippets {Cue Raquel}

Y’all. The last week I’ve been having a delightful time working on the third draft of Echoes. I haven’t been so excited about the project since back before my computer (and a month’s worth of work) was stolen in May. But now I’m back in the swing of things and YAY!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share a snippet that I wrote last night. For those of you who don’t know, Echoes is the story of sixteen-year-old Nicolette and Raquel – identical twins who live in the country of Kios, where twins (echoes) are outcasts. They masquerade as one girl, Rylie, who is also the crown princess. Only a few trusted servants know their true identity.

This snippet is told from Raquel’s perspective, and as you’ll soon be able to tell, she has a bit of an attitude issue toward her father, the king.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.10.09 AM

I inhaled deeply, the smell of burnt fish making me instantly wish I hadn’t done so.
“Servants fare.” Wren placed a hearty portion in front of me. “I’d imagine you wish you were dining with your father tonight.”
I snorted. “I’d rather survive on goopy fish eyes and dried rice pudding than spend an extra moment in his presence.”
“Raquel.” Teah’s voice held more rebuke than I felt warranted.
I lowered my head. “I don’t mean to speak disrespectfully of him-.” I stopped when Uncle Izaac lifted his all-knowing eyes to me. “Alright. So mayhaps I did mean to speak disrespectfully. But I have reason!” I hit the table with my fist. “You know I’m justified.”
“Justified or not, bitterness will never produce anything lovely.” Uncle Izaac scooped some blackened fish onto his trencher. “You, my dear, have so much potential. You can’t trade your possibilities for the satisfaction of holding on to the wrongs that have been done to you.”
Resting my elbows on the table, I leaned my chin onto my hands. “He doesn’t deserve anything better.” I scrunched my nose at how whiny I sounded – like a petulant toddler.
“Did I say he did?” Uncle Izaac commenced to eating, singling that the conversation was over.
I sulked for a few more minutes before silently acknowledging how immature I was being, then proceeded to eat in an unladylike manner, simply to get on Teah and Uncle Izaac’s nerves – neither of them paid me any mind.
Nicolette had gone to dine with the king, doubtlessly after Uncle Izaac had filled her in as to the day’s happenings since I’d been banished to the sleeping chamber. I snorted at the thought. Since when had Uncle Izaac taken to ordering me around like I was a toddler? Reason answered that he’d had every right since I was acting like one, but I ignored the voice.
After finishing my trencher of distasteful food, I loudly sucked off each finger, a habit I hadn’t indulged in since I was three summers old. It was so disgusting I nearly couldn’t bring myself to do it, but forced myself to continue until all ten fingers had been significantly licked, making sure that I made a loud slurping sound each time I pulled a finger out of my mouth.
“Once you’ve had your fill of being childish you may stack and clear the table, placing the dishes on the dumbwaiter.” Uncle Izaac didn’t even look up from his plate. “And, when you’re ready to move on in life, please inform me so that I may begin talking to you in a reasonable manner again – instead of acting like you don’t exist which is doubtlessly no fun for either of us.” Uncle Izaac glanced at me, “Especially considering we could have spent the eating hour in a deep discussion or playing Zarse.”

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