Characters Who Make Great Leaders

Hey Folks! Today I’m joining the Top Ten Tuesday Link-Up, and today we get to talk about leaders. Leaders for what, you might ask. Well, leaders for anything. Below I have a list of eight books who had a character that sticks out in my mind as a good leader.

The Way of Escape – Ben is a fantastically wonderful leader of a church. (And one of the characters in all of forever that I want to meet the most.)
The Bracken Trilogy – The Wise Woman is the best behind-the-scenes leader of a country and may have pretty much single-handedly (well, with the help of one other author) inspired my great care for books.
Many Sparrows – Jeremiah Ring was a great guide for leading someone into the wilderness.
For Such a Time – Jean is the kind of cousin I would want to lead a rescue mission if I was ever held captive in enemy territory.
High as the Heavens – Evelyn does a pretty great job of heading up a spying ring. (Say what?)
Ready or Not – Aggie, how in the world does she take care of all the kids? She’s an amazing leader of the family she’s inherited.
All Fall Down – Grace gets the award for leading the readers through an incredibly confusing journey where they don’t know what’s true or what to believe.
Samantha Sanderson Off the Record – Samantha is a pro when it comes to leading an investigation for her middle-grade newspaper.

Who’s your favorite “leader” character?

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