8 Blogging Confessions

Confessions of a Blogger #1:
Y’all. Last week there were a lot of book reviews posted on Noveltea. That’s because:
1) Book Reviews are cool because #books
2) I had a lot of books that I’d read and written reviews for that needed posted
3) Life was incredibly stuffed-full last week and I didn’t have time to post each day, so therefore I scheduled the reviews ahead of time and felt all writerly and on top of things

Confessions of a Blogger #2:
I don’t get on my computer or internet on Sunday, so all day yesterday I kept wishing I’d scheduled this post on Saturday. Especially considering I have to leave for work at 6:30 which is kinda early for me and for some odd reason I stayed up until after midnight last night, even though I was exhausted. (“Some odd reason” aka we had friends over playing games and I learned a new game and therefore I had to stay up for a really long time playing it, and thoroughly losing.) But still, blogging in the early morning is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m quite thrilled to be sitting here languidly typing as I listen to the rain pouring down outside. I’m just keeping an eye on the clock knowing that in just a couple of minutes I’m going to have to pour on the speed to finish getting ready for the day and out to the car so I’m on time for work at the coffee shop.


Confessions of a Blogger #3:
I’m not a photographer. I don’t especially enjoy taking even simply pictures with my phone. But I really like posting non-generic pictures on my blog. So there’s the quandary. Do I try and take good pictures for y’all, or do I just snap them when the beauty arises, or do I ask someone else to send me all their good pictures, or???

Confessions of a Blogger #4:
When it comes to spelling? Well, without spellcheck y’all probably wouldn’t be able to read my posts very well. Case in point: While writing the above confession, I tried to spell “quandary” starting with a “c.” Although, I’d like to think my lack of sleep factors into the equation. And at least I have a relatively large vocabulary? (I mean, that counts for something, right?)

Confessions of a Blogger #5:
I have missed breakfast more times than I care to keep track of, choosing instead to spend my time blogging than cooking when I’ve miscalculated my time. (Example: This morning.) But folks, it’s always worth it, cause blogging is pretty amazing.

Confessions of a Blogger #6:
Y’all totally make my day when you like a post, comment on a post, or share a post. Like the other day, Esther linked to one of my posts. And it made my already bright world even a little bit brighter. Thank you so much folks for your support.

Confessions of a Blogger #7:
Somedays I come up with so many post ideas that I’m left wondering how in the world I still have content to write about after blogging for sevenish years. Other days I stare at my computer and then get up and clean my office because inspiration is practically nill and I’m very much against wasting your time by posting nothingness.

Confessions of a Blogger #8:
This post is not done, but considering that I still have about twenty minutes worth of things to do and I’m leaving for work in eleven minutes, I’ll sign off.

What’s the above “confession” that y’all can relate to the most? What “confession” would you add to the list?

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