That Moment When I Realize I’ve Received​ 59 Books For Review This Year {Vlog}

Y’all. I read a lot. And I blog about books a lot. So, it’s a lot of fun to get books free in exchange for an honest review. It also helps me build up my library without going broke. I really hadn’t realized just how many books I’d requested and received this year, though, until I counted them up this morning.

Fifty-Nine Books?!? Yo, folks. That’s a lot. I think it would be a lot of fun to someday add up how much those books would have cost to buy, but for now I’m not undertaking such a time-consuming task. I did add up six that I had sitting around, and imagine my surprise when they added up to $133! Now I don’t imagine that ALL the books would equal out to $22, but it’s pretty cool knowing that those six did.

And now! A (very small) book unboxing:

Have you ever wanted to get books for free in exchange for review? Do you review the books you read?

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