Unique Book Titles {Top Ten Post}

Today I’m linking up with The Broke and Bookish for their Top Ten Tuesday series. The theme for this week is unique book titles, so I had fun looking through my Goodreads shelves and finding fun book titles.

  1. Boycrazy: And How I Ended Up Single and (Mostly) Sane
    (Nonfiction) This book is exactly what the title would make you think – real, honest, funny, tough, and totally spot-on.
  2.  Hiding from the Kids in My Prayer Closet
    (Nonfiction) I’m not even a mom and I can relate to this.
  3. The Insatiable Quest for Beauty
    (Nonfiction) The book is as beautiful as the title which is saying a lot.
  4. Getting Jesus Wrong:: Giving Up Spiritual Vitamins and Checklist Christianity
    (Nonfiction) Not my favorite book – but the title is definitely intriguing.
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird
    (Fiction) Growing up I heard this title over and over again, but it wasn’t until I read the book earlier this year that it became evident why everyone talked about it.
  6. Thicker Than Blood 
    (Fiction) Family rifts, old books, ranches…a winning combination.
  7. Loglines in the Wild
    (Nonfiction) Being a writer sometimes feels like I’m hacking my way through a jungle, so this title is so fitting.
  8. Take the Key and Lock Her Up
    (Fiction) A title that asks so many questions.
  9. Tournaments, Cocoa & One Wrong Move 
    (Fiction) I didn’t particularly like this book, but the title set-up is one I really enjoy.
  10. The Lost Girl of Astor Street
    (Fiction) A lost girl, a desperate friend, and a mystery that transcends social classes.

Have you read any of these books? Or what are some of the most unique titles of boosk you’ve read?

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