Calm, Cool, and Connected {Y’all Should Read This Book}

Calm, Cool, and Connected:

5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life

BY: Arlene Pellicane

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First Person • Nonfiction • One Point of View • 160 Pages



About the Book (Backcover Blurb):

For those feeling overloaded with technology…

Let’s face it: most of us are on our phones or computers way more than we’d like to be, and more than what’s even beneficial. We know that overuse of technology is harmful to our health and relationships, but how can we rewire our digital habits for a healthier life?

In Calm, Cool, and Connected, Arlene Pellicane will walk you through an easy 5-step plan that will help you center your life on Jesus and love others by decluttering your screen time. By introducing a few easy habits into your daily routine, you can transform your relationship with technology and enjoy more time with God and others.

It’s easy to become consumed and preoccupied with our devices. In turn, we begin to suppress or ignore what’s most important, focusing instead on the urgent and sensational. Let this book guide you toward balanced technology use, and thus a more balanced life.

Why I Choose this Book:

This author. I’ve read another book by her and it was totally spot-on. Plus, I’m always looking at ways to be more balanced in life – particularly when it comes to technology. I’ve been working on it an extra amount during the last few months, so reading this book was quite timely.

What I Thought about this Book:

Y’all. You should read it. Really. It’s so easy to read – like to the point that when I went to write this review I was like “I think it was maybe 70ish pages.” And was quite surprised to see that it was actually 160 pages long, because I flew through it, enjoying and learning from each page.

We live in an era where there’s so much we can learn and do because of technology…but at the same time we can lose so much if we don’t put technology in the correct place. Just because we have the access to something doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. And just because something is good doesn’t mean it’s the best thing.

I’d been working on learning this concept and putting technology in the right place in my life even before I got this book for review. Reading Cool, Calm, and Connected totally inforced what I’d been thinking, as well as giving me practical advice as to how to better apply it in my life. The advice that stuck out most to me was how to be intentional. The author said that when you go to pick up your phone or click on the internet on your computer, think through what you’re going to do

The advice that stuck out most to me was how to be intentional. The author said that when you go to pick up your phone or click on the internet on your computer, think through what you’re going to do on it so you don’t end up mindlessly spending your time. For instance, when I get on my phone now, I stop and think “What am I doing?” And then I answer that question before proceeding. The answer might be “Texting so-and-so” or “Posting on Twitter” or “Reading on my Kindle” or “Making a memo for myself” or even “Chilling for five minutes on Facebook.” And then I make it a point to do what I got on my phone to do, and then putting it back away. It makes a big difference. (Same thing applies to the internet on my computer.)

One of the best parts about this book is it doesn’t condemn you for poor choices in your past, instead, it empowers you to make the correct choices in your future. Reading this book was encouraging. It was inspiring. And it made me want to buy a bunch of copies and hand them out to basically everyone I know. It’s also really practical and simple. And y’all should read it.


I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend this book to. I mean, obviously not a three-year-old, but you get my point. There were a few small mentions of different addictions that the internet helps make easily accessible, so parents might want to skim those parts before handing this book to kids, but if I remember correctly then it didn’t go into any details.


I’m giving Cool, Calm, and Connected 5 out of 5 stars, and 10 out of 10

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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